A Comeback Story and a Unified Champion this weekend

It’s a boxing filled weekend.  At the end of last week’s email I promised you 2 nights of boxing coverage on ESPN and here it is! We’ll I had nothing to do with that, but I promised you the write ups.

Tonight August 18th on ESPN, broadcast starts at 11pm Eastern, you can see the earlier fights on ESPN Deportes starting at 10pm Eastern

At Ponce, Puerto Rico (ESPN/ESPN Deportes):

  • Alberto Machado vs. Carlos Morales, 10 rounds, junior lightweights
  • Emanuel Rivera vs. Nate Green, 8 rounds, bantamweights
  • Juan Carlos Camacho Jr. vs. Edwin Rodriguez, 6 rounds, junior bantamweights

So tonight we have a Golden Boy card live from Ponce, Puerto Rico. And I’ll be honest, although it’s a Golden Boy card and I’ve seen most of Golden Boy’s fighters because of how heavily LA based there, I don’t know a single person (most of these fighters are PR locals) on this card!  Except for one fighter, and that’s Carlos Morales. I want to talk about him for a second.

Morales is a local LA fighter, has 16 wins under his belt, signed to Golden Boy and has recently won one a belt (NABA) which is one of these national titles I’ve covered in prior newsletters which basically acts as a resume belt on your way to world title opportunities. (NABA is associated with the WBA …one of the 4 majors of the murky alphaBELT soup)

So he’s a Golden Boy fighter making what I believe is his first main event appearance on a televised card, on ESPN nonetheless. But it wasn’t a smooth sailing, pattie caked prance through the small card club fighter ranks. He actually lost his professional debut. Remained determined and entered the ring 4 more times before getting his first professional win. This kid took a loss in his debut, finished 3 more fights to a draw, shook off all discouragement to get a win in his 5th pro fight. And then went on a 16 fight win streak and here we are today. This isn’t a typical prospect who was given tomato cans to preserve a precious perfect record, which I know is a major complaint some people give about the state of the sport. He didn’t even get signed until by Golden Boy until he pulled of the upset as the “B sider” against a Golden Boy fighter not once but twice! I absolutely love that and I’m sure a lot of you could appreciate that too.

tl;dr: Carlos Morales is a beast, overcame some major slow start adversity, received no special treatment, pulled off a few upsets on his way to being signed by Golden Boy, now holds a title, claim to a 16 fight victory streak, and is fighting in the main event on a nationally televised ESPN card

Saturday August 19th on ESPN, broadcast starts at 10pm Eastern

Saturday we have a Top Rank card featuring a championship fight and some of TR’s best talent

One of the major complaints I hear from people is there are too many “champions,” too many belts, “wait so who is the real champion at this weight class?” etc. And I’ll give it to you this is a very valid complaint.

We’ll this weekend you get a chance to see a Unified Champion be crowned. Remember there are 4 major belts. Terrance Crawford has the WBO and the WBC, while his opponent, Julius Indongo, has the IBF and the WBA belts. Either way someone’s walking away with all of ’em.

Terrance Crawford (click here for a tl;dr on Crawford from May 20th fight) is a current day favorite of mine and I’m pulling for him hard in this fight. He has already done so much to sweep all the rest of the elite 140 pounders in the world, if he’s a unified champion after this weekend after this weekend then it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Will he continue to defend his titles at Junior Welterweight? Being a unified champion is such a rarity right now, so keeping at his current weight and continuing to defend his crown will probably prove well for his legacy. Or will he go up in weight to find bigger and better opponents, and of course much richer fights at welterweight (147lbs)? Which has kind of been boxing’s glamour division for quite some time now. I don’t want to look past Julius Indongo though, and I’m sure Crawford is not looking past him right now. I’m just excited to see how this plays out. Fan’s of post fight interview humor will like this one.

At Lincoln, Neb. (ESPN/ESPN Deportes):

  • Terence Crawford vs. Julius Indongo, 12 rounds, for Crawford’s WBO/WBC and Indongo’s IBF/WBA junior welterweight titles
  • Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Craig Baker, 10 rounds, light heavyweights
  • Shakur Stevenson vs. David Paz, 6 rounds, featherweights
  • Mike Alvarado vs. Sidney De Siqueira, 8 or 10 rounds, welterweights

Olekxandr Gvozdyk is a beast you don’t want to miss that one.  Another great Ukranian talent signed to Top Rank.  I’ve seen him fight several times here and so far they’ve all ended fast.  I actually fought on the same card as him in my debut.  Shakur Stevenson, our 2016 Silver Medalist, looks to move to 3-0. Get on bard now.

Prospect of the week

Olekxandr Gvozdyk (13-0, 11KOs)

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