A sad week for boxing

I usually write my Friday newsletters with a general sense of optimism or excitement to talk up a fight or share something I found entertaining about the sport recently.

I can’t really do that this week.  It was a sad week for the boxing community.

Two young deaths in the sport this week served as sad, instant reminders of the brutality of this sport.

Maxim Dadashev, a Ukranian training in California and talented prospect with Top Rank, suffered too much punishment in his loss on Friday night.  After the fight he was taken to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma.  In the following days, the boxing community rallied around him via social media messages of support with many boxers, fans, business folk offering their well wishes and prayers.  On Tuesday morning we had learned that he died.

Maxim wasn’t someone I knew or ever interacted with, but I do remember seeing him come to spar others at Capetillo’s  Boxing Gym in East LA.  The young Ukranian had a good reputation and was certainly on his way. RIP Maxim Dadashev.

On Thursday morning, we learned of another tragic story.  Not someone I had known of up to the time the story broke, but just as shocking and devastating to the community due to the timing. Thursday morning the boxing community learned of another fallen boxer. Hugo ‘Dinamita’ Santillan of Argentina collapsed in the ring following his bought.  He went into surgery for a blood clot in the brain, suffered cardio-respiratory failure two times and died from cardiac arrest. RIP Hugo Santillan.

May their families find peace in this time of grieving.

More Bad news

Dillian Whyte, one of the top heavyweights that is making the division an exciting one right now, failed a drug test after winning a WBC title eliminator.

tl;dr – So the story broke that his failure of this test had actually happened before the fight, The jury is not out yet, he’s claiming is a false positive and requested that sample B be tested, rumors that the British Boxing Board of Control and promoter Eddie Hern knew of the results prior

It’s a whole mess, like I said jury still not out. Disappointing nonetheless.

Have a great weekend, stay safe everyone.

Wishing for a better world this week,


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