Andy Ruiz Jr. steals the moment, owns spot in boxing history

June 1st at Madison Square Garden was a special night and will go down as one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight championship history.

Let’s recap.

December 10, 2016 – 29-0 Andy Ruiz Jr flies to New Zealand to fight Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker, who held the Wold Boxing Organization heavyweight championship belt at the time, Ruiz’s first opportunity to contest for a slice of the Heavyweight World Championship. Ruiz picks up his only loss via majority decision in a competitive 12 round contest.

March 31, 2018 – Anthony Joshua, the former UK Olympic Gold Medalist, and holder of world titles from the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association (WBA’s “super belt” portion of the World Championship), and the IBO (which is not actually one of the top 4, nonetheless is a piece of hardware) fights and defeats one Jospeh Paker, and adds the WBO belt to his collection and his claim to the Heavyweight World Championship. After the unanimous decision victory, Anthony Joshua holds the IBF, WBA, WBO (+IBO) belts, so that’s 3 of boxing’s infinity rings (the 4th “legitimate organization” out there being the WBC and its green belt).

Somewhere between July 2018 and April 2019 – Andy Ruiz Jr. gets dropped from his promoter, Top Rank, arguably the preeminent boxing promoter in the business. Word I had heard was Bob Arum gave Ruiz a low ball offer to resign and Ruiz walked. These things happen all the time in boxing. 31-1 Andy Ruiz Jr. ends his relationship with Top Rank, Inc.

April 16, 2019 – Jarell “Big Baby” Miller tests positive for Cardarine, a banned substance. His fight scheduled for June 1st against the champion Anthony Joshua (and a very handsome payday) vanish before his eyes.

April 20, 2019 – Andy Ruiz Jr. has his first fight in the post Bob Arum/Top Rank era and beats a much taller Alexander Dimitrenko. Retires him after 5 rounds. Impresses in his first fight under Al Haymon’s PBC promotion.

May 1, 2019 – Although Miller has had his licence taken away by New York State, tickets have been sold and the highly anticipated US soil debut of Anthony Joshua must go on! Andy Ruiz Jr. gets the unexpected call to be a short notice fill in for the June 1st Madison Square Garden Heavy Weight Championship fight against Anthony Joshua.

Fight Night – June 1, 2019

Anthony Joshua and challenger Andy Ruiz Jr. at the weigh in

Round 1 : Hey Ruiz is no joke. Ruiz steps inside that range that AJ has on him and gets effective. Much like he did against Dimitrenko, Ruiz knows how to take away the distance.

Round 2: Ruiz gets an early good right hand in of notable mention. AJ did find his advantageous distance however. I think the incumbent effect is still in play.

Round 3: This will be “round of the year” no doubt. AJ knocks down Ruiz. And for a moment it starts to look and feel like like “ok Andy started good, but here now here’s how it ends” as the favorite scores his knock down. But Ruiz absolutely refuses, gets back up with a “a hell no foo” sentiment and answers with a shocking flurry that drops AJ for the first time. Later in the round, right before the bell, Ruiz knocks AJ down for a second time. And just like that Ruiz wins the round back.

Round 4: Ruiz not as successful here. Was round 3 just a flash?

Round 5: Stabilizing round. AJ has some good shots.

Round 6: The boom is back, and it’s coming from los manos de Andy. Heating up again.

Round 7: Ruiz puts a barrage of punches on Joshua, one of them, a hook I think, sends AJ falling as the barrage is still going actually. Uh, is “shook” the word to use here? AJ is shook. He does get up, but it happens again. The Britt isn’t defending himself really as he goes down for the 4th time. When he gets up, referee Mike Griffin, asks him if he wants to continue, doesn’t get a resounding yes, and calls an end to this beating.

The picture of the night

And history is made.

Andy Ruiz Jr., who took the fight on short-ish notice, upsets the UK superstar Anthony Joshua, and himself becomes the first Mexican/Mexican-American/Mexican heritage, first period Mexican Heavyweight World Champion. Heavyweight has never really been their division, and others have tried, but Andy Ruiz Jr. etches his name in Mexican boxing history by finally securing a Heavyweight World Championship for La Raza.

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  1. Reply Post By Sean Hipskind

    Nice write up, Garrity. I liked the timeline leading up to the title fight–didn’t know that background info. Hell of a fight from Ruiz. With the rematch clause in effect, what happens next (match up wise) if AJ wins?

    1. Reply Post By Garrity McOsker

      Thanks Sean! Well if AJ were to win the rematch, beltswise, everything returns to him. As far as match ups after that , my guess is Eddie Hearn and AJ still wont want that smoke and wouldn’t fight Wilder next. They’d probably go into tune up mode and fight again at home in the UK, maybe a Dillian Whyte again, idk.

      Wilder needs to be careful with his fight against Luis Ortiz though! For the record I think Wilder beats AJ and Ruiz, and even would make the proper adjustments to KO Fury in a rematch, however we saw how dangerous Ortiz was for Wilder in their first fight is all.

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