BOXING TL;DR Best of 2017

Last Boxing TL;DR newsletter of the year so I’m gonna give you my “best of”/superlative list

Best Knockout of 2017

Joshua Greer KO of James Gordon Smith

The timing, the way Greer slightly leans to the left as he delivers his blow, the way the punch cracks, make this the best knockout of the year for me.

Prospect of the Year 2017

Ryan Garcia. Honestly, this was an easy choice.

Fight of the Year 2017

Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko

Biggest Disgrace of 2017

This whole Mayweather-McGregor debacle. The fact that it happened. The fact that enough people bought in and were played. And to any of you losers who allowed yourself to be convinced, this award applies to you too. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez is a close second. And Rigo quitting on Loma a few weeks ago is a contender for this title too.

Biggest Upset of 2017

I mean it has to be 16-0 Jeff Horn defeating legend Manny Pacquiao right? There have been some good upsets this year but it’s just hard for me to find a bigger one.

Most Dominant Fighter of 2017

Terrance Crawford completely owned the 140lb division in 2017 and for that I think he was the most dominant fighter in boxing this year.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading Boxing TL;DR this year

Big 2018 coming…

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