AlphaBELT soup

tl;dr this is a Garrity term to express the abundance of belts and titles distinguishing a “champion”


So it’s a mess, and whether you are new or old you’ll be frustrated with the over saturation of “champions” in professional boxing. I am too!

Here’s the main points.

Anyone can really start a sanctioning body. So unfortunately there are a too many of these sanctioning bodies. Think of like a shell company with one function as a business, taking a 3% fee from the fighters purse for crowing the boxer with your organization’s belt. That only works if the belt has enough prestige, to be worth it to the boxers brand to take on that title, and pay the stupid toll.

So this means that the market has worked itself out and there are really only 4 organizations that can be considered “real” championship organizations. While there are others out there like the IBO and the IBU and others that will say they have a “world championship” belt, but the boxing public has not given these the kiss of approval as being at the same level of the of the actual top 4.

They are: WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO

But if you tell me, the truth is even though these are the most legit ones supposedly, I still think they are all clown ass organizations.

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