Franchise Champion

tl;dr a bullshit designation made by the WBC to protect Canelo Alvarez from having to face Jermall Charlo


What is the franchise champion mean? Well it’s brand new so don’t worry for not knowing. Not only is it 10 minutes old, but it’s not real.

In June 2019 the WBC all of the sudden decides to elevate interim middleweight champion Jermall Charlo to WBC middleweight champion.  Just prior to this Canelo held that middleweight WBC green belt.  Jermall Charlo would have been the WBC mandatory to fight Canelo. WBC doesn’t seem to want to make Canelo fight Jermall Charlo.

What do you do when your favorite boxer isn’t going to be a WBC champ anymore and he’s a big part of your brand as an organization. You make a new “championship.” It’s a joke, WBC has the Silver Belt, Diamond Belt, even the Pearl Belt now, all these other belts for special events like the Money Belt they made for Mayweather-McGregor, the Maya Belt for Canelo-Golovkin II, etc. It’s a mess.

The Franchise Champion gets even weirder.

1. The Franchise Champion will be designated as WBC Emeritus Champion once he retires from boxing.

2. The Franchise Champion will proudly represent the WBC in every single fight as a reigning WBC champion, regardless of any specific conditions or titles being associated with all future fights*. WBC rules and regulations will govern under the traditional conditions of boxing in the Franchise champion fights. WBC will approve through the franchise champion promoter every opponent scheduled to fight.

3. Franchise Champion agrees to participate in a minimum of two social responsibility events every year**, organized and in conjunction with the WBC.

4. The WBC may recognize a WBC champion in the division or divisions where the Franchise champion currently competes.

5. The WBC may award a Diamond Championship belt in those fights in which the Franchise Champion engages. If the Franchise Champion loses, the winner will receive the Diamond belt and may be considered as mandatory contender of the division

*What the heck does this mean, he’s a champion forever?

**This is what the WBC really wants, they can’t handle not being able to hold hands with their boy at every possible opportunity if he had ever decided to pass and vacate that belt.

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