Cab Driver

tl;dr : a derogatory term to refer to an opponent that is viewed as less than, over matched, not a risk

Boxing has plenty of great terms and tropes. Some have entered the popular lexicon and some just stay in boxing. “Cab driver” is one that hearkens back to a simpler time, a time when we actually used taxi cabs. This one gives off an old time-y vibe for sure. Some of my other old time-y boxing terms are “Southpaw” (we all know what it means but why the term, what’s the etymology of “southpaw” really?), “Punchy”, “Parry” (only because it’s a word I don’t hear used in any other context, and a tactic that’s kind of old time-y in it of itself), and “Rabbit Punch” (but why the rabbit?)

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