Canelo-Chavez Jr. Recap, GGG Next fight news

Hey everyone welcome to another edition of the Boxing TL;DR newsletter. Your weekly dose of the boxing world served in bit size. Notice anything different?

So wow that was a bad fight last week (Canelo-Chavez). I hope you took my advice and watched the fight at someone else’s party as to not have to fork out the $70 all by yourself for that letdown of a fight!  It certainly wasn’t worth it. I feel like we got milked again but hey it was a money grab for various circumstances (Cinco De Mayo, 2 of the most famous Mexican fighters, at a strange catch weight that would make the fight possible) that Golden Boy had to do before putting their boy on the line for the real showdown with GGG.

Sources are saying that there were “at least 1 million buys” of the PPV event.

Why what you just saw play out on May 6th is bad: We had to endure such a one sided show, you may have felt ripped off, you may have felt the pain and shame for the Chavez family and that well I wouldn’t say despicable performance, I’d say “non performance.” Did he show up? Jr. made some comments about how he was drained out to meet the 164.5 catch weight , well ya you’re going to be drained out when you balloon up in weight as Jr. has so many times before. When there’s a $1 million penalty per pound on the line for being overweight you can’t just expect to walk into this fight overweight and get away with it like he has in several recent fights. I don’t see what the excuse is. There was also a recent leaked video of his hotel room visitation, so I don’t really think he has much ground stand on if he’s claiming to have been focused for this fight. But I’m trying to make Boxing TL;DR more of a sports publication and less of a Page Six, so I digress.

Why what you just saw play out is good: It’s the pre story for the Golovkin fight. It brought so many more eyeballs on board than before and know its their promoters’ job to keep the new viewers connected. This is something that the boxing industry doesn’t always do well, but I hope that this time they have it right. While this fight was a distraction from the real one, that outrage can be viewed as a pull factor for drawing fans (newly introduced viewers from this last fight) to the fight they now wholeheartedly believe needs to happen between Canelo and someone who is actually at his level and presents a danger.

So what’s next though

You heard them say it in the ring after the fight. On September 16th Canelo vs. GGG is finally happening folks. This is big for boxing. The fight that boxing fans have been craving for a few years now.  This is already the biggest fight in boxing at the moment, as it’s been begged for by fans for a few years now. Luckily the promotional stars have aligned and we’re going to see this happen.  Sept 16, as I’ve mentioned is a special weekend for the sport, so expect to see huge numbers again. Looks like we don’t know the location yet, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is trying to bring it to his stadium. Who knows, also likely that it will stay in Vegas at the MGM Grand or the T Mobile Arena, which was basically made for mega fights like these.

Let’s just all take a deep breath and be happy that our wish is finally coming true. We’ll see how the details play out.

Thanks for reading, see you next week folks. Stay tuned for more content on here and the new blog ( A lot to come!

Other news:

“The IBF has ordered a middleweight eliminator between Tureano Johnson and Sergiy Derevyanchenko, with the winner in line to face the Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin victor either late this year or in early 2018”

ok IBF, lol, we’re all patiently waiting for that. As if that matters.

Boxing flashcards

Catch weight

I realized I had been using this term and hadn’t defined it so for anyone who needs to know, a catchweight describes a contracted weight that doesn’t fall at the limit of one of the official weight classes. 160lbs is the middleweight limit and 168lbs is the super middleweight limit, so this fight that happened at 164.5 was a catch weight.

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