Canelo, Kong, Cash

“Wilder should sign his death sentence. I’m very different than anybody else that he has fought. I punch harder than anybody else. I’m going to teach him not to mes with Cubans.”

-Luis “King Kong” Ortiz

So this quote was pulled from just yesterday (Thursday 9/28). I had this little bit written here about the upcoming fight between Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder and Luis “King Kong” Ortiz and was kinda glad I would be opening with some fresh juicy news to lead off this 32nd edition of the Boxing TL;DR newsletter (thanks for all the clicks these 32 weeks!).

But luckily I don’t sleep so I was able to add this other little amendment. Late Thursday night it was reported that Luis Ortiz failed a drug test. So super breaking news to what already felt like a pretty fresh bit. Some sources say the fight is on hold. Some say it has been canceled. This “source” is saying well it’s definitely not November 4th. So I guess I should drop the write up for this fight that I was about to lead you with.

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So that was some super recent news. Here is some not as fresh news, it happened last week actually, but I liked it when I saw it so it’s making the cut…

Canelo Alvarez helping out at an organization in Jalisco which is directing supplies to Mexico City after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake. This was a few days after his fight. He has also pledged $1 million in food and construction supplies.

$1 million is a lot. So how much did that fight between Canelo and Genady Golovkin take in? A fight which ended in the most bizarre fashion of a split draw*. Not only that but with a major outlier score of 118-110 (means 8 rounds to 2… no chance) in favor of Canelo from a judge who clearly was watching a different fight.

The Pay-Per-View totals have come in for that fight and they were good but not mega territory. 1.3 Million PPV buys. That’s $70 a pop. Not bad.

Where this fight really impressed was in the gate numbers. Number 3 all time.

$27,059,850 were collected from those who attended the Canelo-GGG showdown

$55,414,865 gate sales for Mayweather-McGregor


$72,198,500 for Mayweather-Pacquaio. Don’t forget this is only ticket sales guys. That fight also had 4.6 Million PPV buys at the price of $100, which to the best of my knowledge was the first time ever. Second time being May-Mac which also charged $100 for a PPV buy, but if you bought that though and didn’t learn your lesson from May-Pac in 2015 then I don’t know what to tell you… Actually I know exactly what to tell you, “we have a great selection of lightly driven used cars in our lot across the street, here follow me!”

 *means one judge says Red corner won, one judge says Blue corner won, and the third judge scores it even. In the case of a 12 round fight 114-114. Remember in the “10 point must system” the winner of a round is awarded the 10 and the loser the 9, except for in sever cases such as a knockdown, where the score would be 10-8.

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Saturday on ESPN Deportes if you have it

September 30

At Boston (ESPN Deportes):

  • Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan vs. Nick Quigley, 10 rounds, middleweights
  • Reckay Dulay vs. Dardan Zenunaj, 10 rounds, junior lightweights
  • Everton Lopes vs. Rafael Reyes, 6 rounds, lightweights

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