Canelo vs. Jacobs is HERE

It’s Friday of Fight Week and I hope you’re as excited as I am!


They have found an opponent for heavyweight multi title holder, Anthony Joshua

and it is



I wrote about him in a recent newsletter when he had a fight against the big russian.  Well, he lucked out because he put away that guy and then thanks to Big Baby Miller failing 3 drug tests, Andy got the biggest call (and payday probably) of his life.

He doesn’t look the part, but he’s fast as hell and hits hard.  Now I’m not saying “oh this guy might be able to take Anthony Joshua down” what I’m expecting though is he’s going to come forward, take a lot of gambles, (probably get himself knocked out in the process), Buuut it will be a FIGHT.

If you want to catch up on the episode where I covered Miller getting busted and the fight falling apart you can right here.

The big story worth talking about however is that the big Cinco De Mayo weekend fight is finally here.

Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day are always the biggest boxing weekends of the year and Canelo, well, Canelo owns these two weekends.  He has for the last few years and I’m sure he will for the remainder of his career.

In addition to that DAZN, the monthly streaming service bringing boxing, MMA, and a few other sports, now OWNS the Middleweight division basically.  It’s exciting to see some of the company’s biggest acquisitions finally line up against each other.  As you might be able to gather from the photo, this is a unification bout.  Canelo has the WBA and the WBC belt + the Ring Magazine belt (that’s the red white and blue one) and Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs has the IBF belt.

Whoever wins, will take all of these home with them.

But, there’s still one more belt out there… American Demetrius Andrade has the WBO belt.  But guess what, he is signed to DAZN too!  So like I said DAZN practically owns the middleweight division.  Good news for fight fans.

Will Canelo collect all the infinity stones?  Keep watching.

That’s it from me.  To give you any more news in this newsletter would be to take away from the fight this weekend, which should be the belle of the ball.

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