My top 5 favorite Chris Arreola moments

On Saturday night Chris Arreola and Adam Kownacki fought a heck of a fight. They through un chingon de punches and I think maybe they had forgotten they were heavyweights. They actually set the record for most punches recorded in a heavyweight fight, per Compubox.

Prior to the fight Chris had said that if he didn’t win this fight it would be be time to retire. Although after that performance, and a resulting loss, I’m not so sure he’s ready to retire.

Regardless, I wanted to reflect on my favorite Chris Arreola moments. He has always been an entertaining fighter and an entertaining guy. We had thought just maybe, he’d become the first Mexican heavyweight champion. Well we have one now in Andy Ruiz Jr. but I remember a time when Arreola was the only guy for miles knocking on that door. Maybe he retires, maybe he doesn’t. In post fight interview it became less than difinitive that he would make a retirement. We’ll see.

Here are my favorite Chris Arreola moments. By no means is this the comprehensive list, these are the moments I remember. So much of his prosperous career wasn’t witnessed by this kid with no cable package from San Pedro, but I remember the times I did see him whether on HBO at my grandpas house, or when the gym got together and joined the rest of the world to watch a world title fight.

5 Saturday’s performance gets an honorable mention.

4 Like Saturday, another broken hand, another go the distance fight against a younger more athletic dude. A pretty gutsy performance. Coming off his first loss against Klitschko, big boy goes 12.

3 The fight between Arreola and Walker. – A good comeback victory that shows the Chris Arreola story.  Round 2, a round of might and pure will. Changing the story on his terms quickly.

Very old footage available for this one. The fight is over by 2:46 in the second video

2 His never-say-die attitude against Vatali Klitschko. Let’s not forget, Arreola has faced the older Klitschko brother and Deontay Wilder. He says Klitschko is the one that hits like a sledgehammer, while Deontay’s punch he described as a whip 👀. 4:23 to 5:27 of the video

4:23 5:27 Kitschko

1 My favorite Chris Arreola moment of all time is THIS INTERVIEW. Absolutely epic from start to finish. From the opening question “what do you see here”  “umm myself” the crowd knew they were in for a wild ride.

You gotta love him for his honesty…

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