Demetrius Andrade needs to focus his attention on a highlight reel opportunity with GGG

The former US Olympian and current WBO middleweight champion put on a dominant performance on Saturday night. Demetrius Andrade pitched a shutout against Polish challenger Maciej Sulecki, winning every round handily + a 10-8 round for a knockdown Andrade scored at the start of the fight.

You could say he out classed him because he really wasn’t matched properly. But Andrade wants better opponents. Why doesn’t he get them? Well because you still don’t know him. Although he has the pedigree and the Olympic resume, he had some pauses in his career and lacks a marquee win and a large public image.

After the fight on Saturday night he wasted no time in calling out Canelo at the center of the ring. “Where your cojones at?” he exclaimed.

Here’s the thing Demetrius, you don’t get Canelo. Yet.

You get Gennadiy Golovkin.

The road map to payday with Canelo

Of course you want to face boxing’s biggest star and accumulate a great payday. I don’t blame you Demetrius, I wan’t that for you too. If I’m DAZN or I’m Golden Boy I have a problem with booking you, while a fantastic boxer, on a fight on Sept 16th weekend or Cinco De Mayo weekend, the holidays the new Mexican King owns. In prize fighting the numbers need to make sense, and the risk to reward ratio just doesn’t make sense for me yet.

I’m Golden Boy’s Oscar De La Hoya remember? And to me GGG doesn’t deserve a third fight with Canelo either. Although the public would in fact have an appetite for that fight (how ever way you want to cut it Oscar, that part is true). Canelo has already made his statement against Golovkin in fight number 2, and unless he brings hardware why would Golden Boy want that fight?

Demetirus, here’s where it works out for you. Keep Canelo’s name out of your mouth, while they’re busy over there talking about Kovalev at 175. Make GGG the recipient of “no cajones” chirps, make him the enemy, and stir up the attention there.

Andrade could outclass the older Golovkin, put on a show, and gain a public name. They’re all signed to DAZN, why doesn’t this happen?🤞

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