Dillian Whyte vs. Derek Chisora II, Charlo Bros, Peace out 2018

Right off the bat, last week I listed the 3 cards on TV and told you which one I thought would be most worth your time by using a 0 and 1 scale.  I told you the Charlo brothers card was the 1, and I gave the two British cards being the 0.

Turns out the Dillian Whyte vs Derek Chisora II fight ended up being the best out of the three.  I priced it a 0 on the binary scale and told you to watch the Charlo fights.  It be like that sometimes, champ.
You don’t always know when it’s gonna happen but this ended up being the best show of the night.  A well contested match and an 11th round knockout gave Dillian Whyte the victory in this rematch.  Check out round 11 action here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnE3VQ6Rzws&t=10s
He now has 2 wins over his Chisora and after the bout began calling out Anthony Joshua for a rematch. Joshua, who handed Whyte his only defeat in his career, seemed receptive of the idea but overall that doesn’t really do anything for Joshua’s career today.
Ideally Anthony Joshua needs to fight Deontay Wilder.  There’s no saving face, it’s time to make that fight happen.  Although, public interest and money might determine whether or not Joshua has to wait his turn if it turns out that the forces at work end up putting together a Wilder v Fury rematch before any of that.  We will see.
quickly recapping last week…
The Irish boys Manchester card:
Carl Frampton lost to Josh Warrington
Michael Conlan beat a more experienced 24-4 Jason Cunningham and improved his record to 9-0
Paddy Barnes’ fight fell off the card :/
The Charlo bothers card:
One brother won his fight, one lost.
Jermall (the middleweight) won.
Jermell (the slightly smaller super welterweight) lost.
There was some controversy around this one. I invite you to go check it out on YouTube and let me know if you agree or disagree with the judges.
Other than one fight out of Japan on the ESPN+ platform, there are no major fights being broadcast this weekend.
In years past on my last newsletter of the year, I had finished off with my fight of the year picks or my superlatives list.
This year, I want to flip it.  Hit reply and tell me what your favorite fight of the year was.  Give me your  “Best ______ of 2018” list
Thanks for reading, catch you next week.

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