Ep. 9 – Cooking with Vegan Boxer, Darious Harris – Boxed In Podcast

We do something a little bit different on episode 9

For those following along at home. Here is the simple recipe

Can of Jackfruit (sold in 6 packs from this seller, other quantities available if you follow that link)

Hemp Seeds (ton of protein here, minuscule carb count)

Pico (alls you need is tomatoes and onions, no affiliate link for you to support me with for this, still building my tomato greenhouse in Mexico…)

Corn (same applies, you know what to do, sorry I can’t sell you my corn either, I’m using that to feed my chickens)

Spanish Rice (we used Uncle Ben’s brand, it was bomb)

Can of Beans (at your local store, you know what to do)

Olive Oil! Salt! Tapatio!

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