Errol Spence Jr. vs. Lamont Peterson tonight!

Some say Errol Spence Jr. just doesn’t have the attitude or the presence to be a superstar in boxing. That he’s too quiet and presents himself too humbly to have that star power.

…But isn’t that what mainstream America has been asking for? Those that have spent years complaining about Floyd, and those you have been disgusted with (rightly so) supposed next star Adrien Broner and simply passed. Don’t those people want the humble champion as the next on the throne of boxing supremacy?

Boxing TL;DR readers know this, but I think Errol Spence Jr. is poised to become a household name for the next 10 years or so.

Here’s why:

He can put on a lightning show. Although you may not remember him from his ability to run his mouth, which has become a necessary ingredient in building and marketing a modern day fight superstar, his finishes in the ring have had all the flash you’d been expecting.

No problems. This kid is clean. No criminal stuff. And by all appearances he’s not one of these fighters that “wanna do hood rat stuff with my friends*” The kid is 28, still young in boxing or still pre-peak for the modern era, and has compiled a record of 22-0 and picked up a world title in a dominating performance against British Kell Brook. He doesn’t get fat between fights and I don’t see him being a guy who takes long lay offs, planned or unplanned. The kid is fresh and he will be staying active, giving him the chance to stay in front of viewers in big fights that will land him a chance at becoming a household name.

*an all time classic YouTube video for those who don’t know, you need to check it out.

Mr. America. He represented the Red, White, and Blue in the 2012 London Olympics, where he reached the quarter finals. I’ve seen him wear the flag paraphernalia in most of the fights I’ve seen him in. Good marketing play and I do think he does a good job of and representing our country. When he took another belt away from the British I just loved that.

The looks. That’s important too ya know. Oscar De La Hoya. Floyd Mayweather. Sugar Ray Leonard. All these guys were superstars. Think about it, Kelly Pavlik was a white guy from the midwest and for a time was the best middleweight in the world. Now imagine how perfect of a superstar he could have been if he didn’t have the look that resembles the poster child of the opioid crisis. Guys, chill out I was a big Kelly Pavlik fan. If you don’t believe me ask my sophomore year English teacher to show you the essay I wrote about one of his fights.

Spence’s clean cut swagger is refreshing in a world where too many people are trying to be another Floyd, i.e. the copper knockoff to Floyd’s gold.

Kelly, we miss you buddy. Hope retirement is treating you right.

So tonight Errol Spence Jr. takes on Lamont Peterson at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I think ultimately Spence will show to be the superior fighter and while you’re watching it you’re going to feel like it was obvious all along. That’s just how convincing he’s going to be in victory. But this really is a test of sorts and I really think it will be billed as such both tonight and down the road when we talk about Spence in the future.

The card…

January 20

At New York (Showtime):

  • Errol Spence Jr. vs. Lamont Peterson, 12 rounds, for Spence’s IBF welterweight title
  • Robert Easter Jr. vs. Javier Fortuna, 12 rounds, for Easter’s IBF lightweight title
  • Adam Kownacki vs. Iago Kiladze, 10 rounds, heavyweights
  • Marcus Browne vs. Francy Ntetu, 10 rounds, light heavyweights

I’m not sure how much of the card will be televised and I don’t think the Marcus Browne fight will be on TV, but these are the notable ones. Keep your eye out for Robert Easter Jr. too. He’s a 20-0 26 year old and title holder. The guy he’s facing is no joke either. 33-1-1 Javier Fortuna has fought in the US on TV several times recently and has held a title for a brief moment.

Enjoy the fights tonight. It’s still early. Be a fan of Errol Spence Jr. before he’s the house hold name and 1 of 3 boxers that every American joe can name. You’re gonna look so cool when you do and you’re gonna have Boxing TL;DR to thank.

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