Fist Fight, Fist Fight, Fist Fight in the parking lot! 🎶

So last weekend we had the Tyson Fury fight in Las Vegas.

He was was an entertaining spectacle, but I was kind of “meh”.

Look I’m always tweaking the format here at Boxing tl;dr

What might end up happening is the newsletters be focused mostly on the upcoming, while the recaps will be provided via my Monday Morning Cornerman series.

Still figuring it out, you may get reflections in writing in the early part of these emails but this week, I’m going to focus a little more on the “what’s coming.”

We actually have a bit of professional boxing cards on DAZN or ESPN+ this weekend.

But none of them are that important and certainly none of them are going to be as culturally relevant as this one.  Just watch what happens on your news feeds.

Actually not a boxing event, not a MMA event either.

This is actually a bare knuckle fight folks.  But, it features a very famous boxer.

Paulie Malignaggi is fighting one of his foes Artem Lobov.

What the heck, why is the Magic Man, or “pillow hands” as some know him as, fighting in a bare knuckle fight when to be completely honest he is more on the “boxer” side of the spectrum and not the “brawler” side.

quick tl;dr : Paulie is still really mad about that video that got leaked of him getting a little roughed up in sparring against McGregor back in 2017.  Artem, Russian mma guy who lives in Ireland, was there that day.  Paulie is pissed at the whole team and wants vengeance.

If you want a little bit more than the “too long; didn’t read” you can check out this pice I did for my blog.

What else though this weekend?

Well here’s a good one.

The rematch between Andrew Cancio and Alberto Machado

This is a rematch of an upset when the then 19-4 Andrew Cancio knocked out Alberto Machado earlier and took the WBA “regular” belt from him earlier this year.  Cancio works a full time job, which isn’t completely uncommon of professional boxers, but it is for ones who are getting opportunities to fight for titles.  So this is quite the story and we’ll see if he can defend what he won back in February.

Even if you aren’t planning on tuning into the fight this weekend, I recommend watching this video of their first fight.

If you have DAZN here is the main card from Indio tonight

June 21: Indio, Calif. (DAZN)

  • Title fight: Andrew Cancio vs. Alberto Machado, rematch, 12 rounds, for Cancio’s WBA “regular” junior lightweight title
  • Title fight: Angel Acosta vs. Elwin Soto, 12 rounds, for Acosta’s WBO junior flyweight title

That’s it, I’ll leave you there. Not a yuge weekend for boxing proper, but maybe you’ll see a little fisticuffs. If you want to tune into Malignaggi vs. Lobov that can be purchased on PPV via

Thank you for reading.

Let me know if you end up watching one of these and reply with your reactions.  Talk next week!


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