Fury on Rogan, DAZN card gets a passing grade from Garrity, Tevin Farmer > Gervontaa Davis :) imo

I watched my first DAZN card last weekend, Overall I enjoyed it.

Demetrius Andrade takes his title.

The service lived up to what it said it would be, I watched an extended undercard.
Starting off with watching County Wexford’s Niall Kennedy take a victory in the opening bout of the broadcast.
Shout out to my Uncle Kevin in Ireland, who told me this week that being up on the boxing world via Boxing TL;DR has given him major street cred with the guys he encounters a work.
Mark DeLuca got a win.  Ryan Kielczweski and Tommy Coyle had a hell of a fight, Coyle won.  American Tevin Farmer dominated Brit, James Tennyson. Irish sweetheart, Katie Taylor won. And of course, American Andrade won his fight in the main event. Overall the card entertained.  I saw some fights that I enjoyed, I was served a heavy dose of fights.  I got what I asked for from the subscription service. What I want to ensure moving forward, it that DAZN keeps their calendar packed. Refill please!
Boxing World Snippets:
Your tl;dr  (keeping true to the “too long, didn’t read” namesake I’ve been told I need to adhere to the tl;dr a little more, lol)
Chris Algeiri is set to return to the ring on November 30.  I’m happy to hear that.
Former world title holder.  College guy.  Someone I looked up to.  He hasn’t fought since his 2016 TKO loss to Errol Spence Jr.
A real sciency guy, (he even served as Danny Jacobs diet/strength/etc guys) while always the fitness freak and looked like he could fight again, it wasn’t clear for a while.
I was really happy to see this week that he’ll be back in the ring on a Nov. 30 Star Boxing (Joe DeGuardia) Card in New York.
Dana White says he’s going into the boxing business. (whatever)
Golden Boy being in the MMA promotion business now with the production of the Chuck Liddell – Tito Ortiz 3 fight.  That I find more interesting.  *Eye brow raise*
It’s been an interesting and entertaining week of Tevin Farmer and Gervontaa Davis going at in on Twitter.  I’m telling you I could not be more bullish on Tevin Farmer right now.  I used to like Davis but I’ve grown to dislike him recently.  Find them, follow them, @Gervontaa and @TevinFarmer22
 (while you’re at it @volgarrity  also follow me on insta @boxingtldr I’ve been told by upwards of 3 people recently that I made two “fire” memes this week on there… (this is a big endorsement that should be taken seriously) )
Joe Rogan, you guys have heard of him right? Well he had Tyson Fury on his podcast within the last 24 hours and I bet its worth checking out.
I’m going to be honest, I’ve never made it through a full Joe Rogan podcast, has anyone?  They’re pretty darn long but there’s always nuggets.  I’ve heard some interesting nuggets from this one already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNZtibrPo0g  You should check it out.  I’ll warn you in saying that I haven’t listened to the whole thing, so tread lightly.
Brendan Schaub, who is kind of like Joe Rogan’s junior in the podcast and comedy world, has done extensive interview features with Diontay Wilder.  So it’s kind of cool to have these two giants in the fight news media space showcasing these two leading up to their Dec. 1st fight.
Speaking of boxing media knowns…  If you’ve been around the boxing youtubes for a while, you definitely know who Elie Seckbach is.  You might find this funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=-RiDv8yC6ho

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