Gearing up for Canelo-GGG, some news, thoughts

This is just a quick reminder that the actual fight of the year, the one that boxing fans are owed, is going down on September 16th.  Next week.  So prepare yourself accordingly, gargle some listerine, think some happy thoughts and forget any bad taste or bad imagry you may have had from spending $100 on that exhibition a few weeks ago.  This is a real fight.

A real fight yes. But add another fake belt too (don’t worry the real middleweight world titles belts are on the line too though).  Mauricio Sulaiman of the WBC didn’t pass on the opportunity to create a special belt for this one.  It has Mexican and Kazakhstani patterns on the two sides of it and actually looks like a cool piece of art, but the approach the WBC is taking to slap a new belt on to every fight just to get more of the WBC brand (and Sulaiman’s face) on camera is making him and his organization look like the guys who sell you embroidered bracelets* out of their coat jacket while you’re on vacation. Well the WBC are making belts like that now. One for every occasion!

*You know what I’m talking about, the bracelets with some odd phrase that a craftsman is sure is popular in America and thinks a tourist might actually want to wear.  Or the ones with every single common, bland American first name on them (so all the standard biblical names + the Brittneys and the Ashleys ya know).  Ok, I’m sorry if I threw you and all your namesakes under the bus by calling your given name bland.  So maybe I’m still carrying a little bitterness from never being able to find a “Garrity” souvenir in the Legoland giftshop as a boy.

So ya we go a great fight next weekend and I hope you tune in.  There will be more of a write up on that next week.  So what do we have going on this week’s Boxing TL;DR…

A heads up on the weekend schedule, a little news, and an ask to you my readers


Tonight September 8th

At Las Vegas (Showtime):

  • David Benavidez vs. Ronald Gavril, 12 rounds, for vacant WBC super middleweight title
  • J’Leon Love vs. Abraham Han, 10 rounds, super middleweights
  • Caleb Plant vs. Andrew Hernandez, 10 rounds, super middleweights
  • Peter Quillin vs. Dashon Johnson, 10 rounds, super middleweights

David Benavidez has been on a tear.  In his fast rise up the supermiddleweight ranks he’s made fast work of his opponents and his career.  He’s only 20 and if he wins this fight aganst Ronald Gavril, he will be the youngest world champion at the 168lb weight class.

Caleb Plant is a prospect to watch in the same division.  Look at that stacked card for super middleweights on Showtime tonight.  A division that doesn’t get as much attention.  And in that earlier fight you get a chance to see Peter Quillin in his first fight back after his early knockout loss to Daniel Jacobs in 2015 as he tries to make it back on top.

 Saturday September 9th

At Carson, Calif. (HBO):

  • Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, rematch, 12 rounds, for Sor Rungvisai’s WBC junior bantamweight title
  • Naoya Inoue vs. Antonio Nieves, 12 rounds, for Inoue’s WBO junior bantamweight title
  • Carlos Cuadras vs. Juan Francisco Estrada, 12 rounds, WBC junior bantamweight eliminator
  • Brian Viloria vs. Miguel Cartagena, 8 rounds, junior bantamweights

Chocolatito was the long reigning super flyweight and pound-for-pound champion by many people’s account.  He was upset by a fighter from Thailand in March.  This is their rematch.  By the way, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai should not be confused with Wisaksil Wangek.  It’s the same person.  With a name like Wisaksil Wangek, it’s no wonder you’d go for an alias with such global market appeal as “Srisaket Sor Rungvisai” right?

Few thoughts here.  I can’t express enough how important a good alias can be.  It can serve as a way to have your new fans bookmark you as to not forget your name in the crowd of multiple fighters with similar names.

Roman Gonzalez is a perfect example here.  He has a fairly common name.  There are other boxers with the name Gonzalez, there are other guys named Roman, and there is probably another pro fighter named Roman Gonzalez somewhere.

But he’s known almost exclusively as Chocolatito.  Not to be confused or forgotten.

Your name can also serve as a fun loving way for fans to remember you or almost that mascot element that you get to cheer for in other sports but not always boxing.  “Chocolatitio” serves this purpose.  It’s a not-so-intimidating childlike nickname he’s probably carried since he was young derived from the appearance of the Nicaraguan fighter.  Don’t you find it interesting that in Latino cultures making nicknames for kids (like where his whole neighborhood and network might know him as that) based on their appearance is completely normal?  Canelo is another example of this.  A kid who got named, which he’s grown to a big brand actually, based on his appearance.  It’s kind of funny.  I don’t think North American’s would ever endorse an appearance based nickname as widely as Latin American cultures do (if you need more examples think of kids you know with the nicname “gordo” or “flaco” or “guero”)

It’s too bad that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez fight in vastly different weight classes because a match up of Cinnemon vs. Chocolate would be epic!

Still dont believe me that Latino cultures have no taboo issue with nicnaming their kids based on what they look like?  Where do you think Marcos Maidana of Argentina got his nickname “Chino” from?

Prospect of the Week 

Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant

Other news from the boxing world…

A Pacquiao-Horn rematch has been postponed.  No dice for November 11th proposed rematch.  PacMan still wants one though.  Maybe they’ll get to fight in 2018.

The World Boxing Super Series starts tomorrow.  This is that tournament formed by former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer and others.  The program, which will have two tournaments running at super middleweight and cruiserweight, features some good fighters from around the world but no US TV deal. Sad!

Errol Spence Jr. expected to make the first defense of his IBF title in either December or January.  I am very bullish on Spence.  I think he’s the next guy for the sport.  As Maywether enjoys his retirement, I hope to see Spence fill the role as the big name fighter that carries the sport.  America’s franchise player.

My Ask

I hope you are finding these newsletters enjoyable.  I’ve been at this for 9 months now and I’m having a lot of fun doing it but I want to grow it.  So I’m asking the Boxing TL;DR readers: How can I grow my subscriber base?  If you have any ideas, email me back.  If you just like this enough but don’t have an idea to share, just forward this to a friend and tell them to follow the subscribe link.

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