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Boxing TL;DR might become a Saturday publication now who knows though I have to straighten things out with the editor and see what our path is moving forward.

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Yes I know something felt missing yesterday morning as you headed into the weekend and didn’t receive your weekly dose of boxing from me but you didn’t miss anything you couldn’t get from me today. That’s partly because there actually weren’t any fights on TV Friday night for you to pretend you were going to watch and ultimately chose Netflix instead…

Thursday night there was a fight on ESPN2 on Thursday night against two guys who have kind of been there before but are more or less on the down swing of their respective careers. The guys are Gabriel Rosado and Glen Tapia.

Full fight link here

What you you think? There have been whispers from fans and concerned folks that now is the time for Glen Tapia to retire.

I remember when Tapia got knocked out in May of last year when he fought David Lemieux, it took appox. 43 seconds after the KO for the pundits to start saying he should retire. At that time though I was thinking this is just a classic case of “experts” trying to be the first one to point out a fire and in doing so gain some points. It’s easier to be a hater than to take the risk of coming to someones defense. We see this everywhere in society today though right? If you see a good movie its easier to crap on the minor elements you didn’t like. You will appear to your peers as possessing some higher intellect, but the harder thing to do would have been would have been to explain WHY you like it and not feel like I did when I handed in my book reports from grades 3 to 5. ( Something like “I liked Matt Christopher’s Skateboard Tough because it was really interesting. It is a good book.”)

Well sometimes the boxing pundits are no better than the movie critics/the buzzfeeders looking for the clicks for their nuanced hot takes that seem to miss the point of the general story but rather drive a wedge into some specific part of what’s trending today. So what I’m saying is when I hear a commentator rush to start saying a guy should retire, my heart goes out for that fighter.  It’s just too easy for the commentator to be negative on someone on their worst day, being the first to talk shit makes him feel like he’s the expert to notice it and point it out first, all the while he’s never been in a ring.  Just saying.

I think that his kind of behavior turns into a bloody race of negativity and leads to a lot of group think. That was my thoughts last May.

Glen Tapia then fought Jason Quigley to a UD loss and most recently lost in a 6th round knock out on Thursday. In may when he got knocked out against Lemieux I thought people shouldn’t rush to smear the guy and tell him to retire. That we should give him some time to see if he’s got it still. Maybe now though enough time has passed, opportunities were granted, and the question has become a little clearer.

What do YOU think? Watch the video and if you’d like to let me know, do so.

Fights on TV this weekend

So we missed Friday night opportunity to watch boxing on TV, but the powers that be must have known this was going to be a late Boxing TL;DR weekend newsletter because we have some boxing on TV Saturday and Sunday night!

October 21

At Verona, N.Y. (HBO):

  • Jezreel Corales vs. Alberto Machado, 12 rounds, for vacant WBA junior lightweight title
  • Demetrius Andrade vs. Alantez Fox, 12 rounds, middleweights
  • D’Mitrius Ballard vs. Jaime Solorio, 10 rounds, light heavyweights

At Belfast, Northern Ireland (HBO, same-day tape):

  • Ryan Burnett vs. Zhanat Zhakiyanov, 12 rounds, IBF/WBA bantamweight title unification

At Newark, N.J. (Audience Network):

  • Murat Gassiev vs. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, 12 rounds, for Gassiev’s IBF cruiserweight title, World Boxing Super Series quarterfinals

October 22

At Tokyo (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes):

  • Hassan N’Dam vs. Ryota Murata, rematch, 12 rounds, for N’dam’s WBA “regular” middleweight title
  • Daigo Higa vs. Tomas Masson, 12 rounds, for Higa’s WBC flyweight title
  • Ken Shiro vs. Pedro Guevara, 12 rounds, for Shiro’s WBC junior flyweight title


Watch some of tomorrow’s stars and some future national representatives in this special broadcast of the 2017 Eastern Elite Qualifier and Regional Open Championships from Chattanooga, Tennessee TONIGHT! 

check this link for info and live stream

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