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Watch vid for feels

The fight of the week, and the first big fight I get to be excited about since purchasing DAZN (read: netflix of boixng)

You like Lomachenko?  Let me introduce you to Oleksandr Usyk.  For those who don’t yet know.  He’s the king of the less talked about, less featured (but arguably coolest named) Cruiserweight division.

But really the king.  Undisputed champion.  He’s got all of the straps in the AlphaBELT soup of world titles.  He won the World Boxing Super Series in the first year of its inception.  He’s fun to watch, he’s a beast, and he’s a funny guy too.

Lemme leave you with this.


But the guy he’s fighting is absolutely no joke.

Tony Bellew. You know him from such hits as TKO of David Haye 1, TKO of David Haye 2, and starring as the heel of character Ricky Conlan in the 2015 film, Creed.

Here’s a high production value docupromovideo done by Sky Sports about him, safe to say it’s better at telling his story than an email.


Here at Boxing TL;DR sometimes I get real busy miss a week.  Ya, I missed last week again.  I don’t have the hours but the boxing keeps coming, while that can feel overwhelming for a person who sets arbitrary deadlines for himself on a non revenue producing project.  The really good news is the boxing keeps coming and with the advent of this big card from DAZN coming our way, I’m pretty ok with that problem.   You should sign up for your DAZN subscription, first month is free I think (I really should try and get an affiliate link).

so last week

What you missed:  an entertaining email from your boy, Garrity.

What you didn’t miss: any news having to do with Floyd Mayweather.  He makes a big splash that he’s going to fight in Japan in a fight against start kick boxer in an unclear set of rules.  Next thing you know, he’s not going to fight.  Who cares folks, nothing to see here.  I guess I lucked out and waited for the story to develop before reporting, his social media team could learn to do the same.  Sweet press conference, guys.  Keep your eyes focused forward folks, no Floyd fight, and no fake news from Boxing TL;DR 😉.  Low quality maybe, …


Other Stuff

Shout out to Jesus Soto Karass, a former PPV feature and local favorite, who wrapped up his professional boxing career last night by victory in his hard fought battle against an up and coming prospect and previously undefeated Neeco Macias.

Enjoy retirement man.  He had announced before the fight that this would be his final dance.  It’s nice to see someone go out on their own terms.

I believe that was a wrap on Golden Boy’s deal with ESPN2.  Not sure where you’ll see your next fight.  Jk, you’re going to see some #freetv PBC boxing on Fox soon I’m sure.  Seems like boxing is going the way of the paid streaming, we got ESPN+ now and DAZN.  Stay tuned and see same place (your inbox), same time (highly unlikely) next week.




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