Is it or is it not going down in Saudi Arabia?? Ruiz Joshua 2- 8/16 Friday newsletter

On the last podcast Trevor and I discussed the biggest news in boxing, Eddie Hern, promoter of Matchroom Boxing announced the rematch between new title holder Andy Ruiz Jr. and former title holder Anthony Joshua would be taking place in  🥁🥁🥁 SAUDI ARABIA!

BUT, if you remember, in one of my emails that went out promoing the episode (all of this happening to fast for “print”) I left a little nugget in there hinting at a TBD stay tunes caveat.

Here’s what happened:

A week ago, Friday, it was the hot news.  Eddie Hern announced the rematch would take place in Saudi Arabia.  New stadium going up, expect something grand.

Friday, same day, my newsletter goes out.  Little info on the matter to cover, but intrigue, excitement, and curiosity on our end.

Tuesday, Andy Ruiz Jr. goes on Instagram live, does a Q & A, says he “is not going to Saudi Arabia” maintains that he still wants the fight to happen in the US or in Mexico (me too!)

Tuesday, same day, is the regular release date of our weekly podcast, I have to promo the previously recorded podcast on Tuesday and Wednesday knowing that this information is now in jeopardy  🤦‍♂️ 😂.

Wednesday , Eddie Hern talks to press and confirms it is still Saudi Arabia.  Warns Andy Ruiz to “honor his contract” for the rematch.

But here are the facts:

The rematch clause was included in the original contract before their first fight.

Andy Ruiz Jr. contractually has no say in the matter.  Although he is the deserved champion now, contracts are contracts.

He is able to just all together not fight.  Don’t expect that to happen though.

/heavyweight drama

Just stay tuned. Will be grand.


I want to say thank you to everyone who checked out this video this week when I pushed it out.

This is a good way to follow our journey as I get down in weight to fight and my trainer and podcast cohost, Trevor Sambrana, and I compete in a bet.  Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you can see the weekly updates.   I’m doing another weigh in today.  Little nervous, hope I made progress 😬 we will see.

Good news

Oscar admitted this week that a Canelo-GGG number 3 is just about inevitable.  I know the fans will like to read this.

GGG had been begging for it.  Last few months Oscar De La Hoya, owner of Canelo’s promoter Golden Boy Promotions, had been shushing it.  But in a press conference this week for another fighter of his Jaime Mungia, he basically admitted it’s going to happen based on demand, but no indication of when.  There, you happy GGG fans? 👍😁

The 3 belts (IBF, WBA, WBO*) that Ruiz has will be on the line when he rematches Anthony Joshua.  Makes sense right?  Well there had been some bs with the IBF, but I don’t need to distract you with that because things have been cleared and these two will rematch for all the belts, as they should.

*3 of the 4 real ones.  WBC being the other real one that Wilder has rn.

If you’re interested in seeing a fight this weekend, there’s a ESPN card on tomorrow night!

Aug. 17: Los Angeles (ESPN/ESPN Deportes)

  • Emanuel Navarrete vs. Francisco De Vaca, 12 rounds, for Navarrete’s WBO junior featherweight title
  • Jessie Magdaleno vs. Rafael Rivera, 10 rounds, featherweights
  • Arnold Barboza Jr. vs. Ricky Sismundo, 10 rounds, junior welterweight
  • Chris van Heerden vs. Aslanbek Kozaev, 10 rounds, welterweights

Favorite tweet of the week

Enjoy your weekend all.

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