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Hey Boxing TL;DR subscriber,

I’m happy to get in front of you you again for another addition of the Boxing TL;DR Friday Newsletter.  Writing you guys and reading your replies is the favorite part of my week.

Quick heads up if you’re in the Los Angeles area: Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy is hosting a pro boxing show TONIGHT in Pasadena and it’s actually FREE to the public.  It’s at the same site as last weekend’s Kansas City vs. Los Angeles amateur boxing duel.  Outdoors in the Pasadena City Hall courtyard. Door open at 3pm.

The amateur boxing event last weekend was actually the reason why John Brown, guest of the most recent episode of Boxed In, was in town.  If you haven’t taken a listen to the episode yet, you should check it out.

If you don’t know who John is, he’s the man responsible for starting Ringside, and if you’ve been in a boxing gym you’ll definitely recognize these, a staple for which he’s responsible for creating.

This weekend: 

Free Golden Boy boxing show, even if you don’t live in LA, the broadcast is free as well and can be found on

The two feature bouts will be Ferdinand Kerobyan vs. Daniel Evangelista (welterweights) and Emilio Sanchez vs. Jose Gonzalez (featherweights). Both Ferdinand and Emilio are LA area locals.  I actually had the chance to see Ferdinand in his professional debut a few years back.  He’s a beast.  I was working the show for Bash Boxing and had to hold back some of the crowd as he had all of Armenia, er Glendale there going wild for him.  I expect the same tonight.

But the biggest fight of this weekend is the showdown between Vasyl Lomachenko and Luke Campbell tomorrow night.

Vasyl can been seen here trying to get a hold of Campbell’s green belt to add to his collection.  Frankly, I think he will steal Campbell’s WBC title tomorrow night.

You can watch it all on ESPN+

or you can watch Trevor and I do a fight companion live on your YouTube Channel.

If I were you, I’d click that link and hit the subscribe button now, that way you wont miss the notification when we go live.  The fight companion will be Trevor and I playing Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman roles as the fight goes on, but you will be getting some of the regular Boxed In podcast flavor in this special live episode.

Other News:

Maurice Hooker has decided to move up from 140lbs to 147lbs.  After his loss to Jose Ramirez in what was an amazingly gratifying fight to watch, he stated he was going to take some time to figure out what he’s going to do next.  Maurice is a tall 140, so we’ll see maybe he can beef up and find a good home at the welterweight division.

Gloves Not Guns is an amazing organization you will be hearing more about from Boxing TL;DR produced content in a series of blog posts and podcasts.  Take a look at the website now and learn about the budding new organization.

Trevor Sambrano finally got an Instagram go follow him! @trevorsambrano

Rest easy, the much talked about Ruiz-Joshua 2 showdown in Saudia Arabia is finally Official, Official

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