Jackrabbits out at the fights last night

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Jackrabbits boxing club members posing for a picture outside the venue of Valley Fight Night August 16, 2019

As my readers and podcast listeners know, I ended up joining forces with my podcast co-host, who is a trainer at Jackrabbits Boxing Club in Long Beach, and am now being trained by Trevor and the Jackrabbits team.

Jackrabbits feels like it’s the right place for me right now. It’s not too far from where I live in San Pedro so I can make daily training sessions without sacrificing hours on the road each week. More importantly it’s the right gym for me right now because it’s the place where I am breaking things down and relearning everything. Other approaches didn’t work. Being tough and going in to throw “mas golpes” didn’t really work form me.

Trevor, Ivan, and the whole mentality within the club are teaching me a different way. A priority over being slick and responsive, head off line, over the take one to give two bet I had been trying out before.

I’ve been training there consistently for about three months now and it has been really good for me. For my growth, my energy levels and balance in life, my mental health, and my growing knowledge in boxing. I feel like I am at the right place right now and I appreciate the openness and welcoming actions the gym at large has shown me.

Yesterday afternoon, I get a text from a friend of mine, Steve Bash. Steve is the best local promoter in LA area and a genuinely good person. I have worked with Steve in the past in various capacities helping him with his pro boxing shows and he was actually the promoter who’s show I made my professional debut on. We have kept a professional relationship and friendship over the years. He was reaching out to ask about a matter I had offered to help with. I was so glad to hear form him and am excited to get to work because when I help him out with a project or straight up manual labor at one of his shows, I always end up getting so much value and mentor-ship out of the situation. Steve really has taught me a lot about the boxing business, as is always willing to answer my questions.


*matter discussed, and topic concuded*

Garrity: “great I can’t wait to get to work on it, I can meet you at your office early next week”

Steve: “Great, also come by my show tonight, there will be a ticket for you at the door”

Garrity: “Can I bring my camera, maybe a crew of a few to capture some interviews and content?”

Steve: “Sure”

Garrity: “I’m going to bring a bunch of guys from Jackrabbits boxing gym, where I’m training now, there’s a few people I’d like you to meet and some good amateurs that could be on your shows in the future”

Steve: “sounds good”

Steve was incredibly generous last night and I’d like to think that this was a good opportunity for helping network a few folks.

I was heading to the gym to meet Trevor and Ivan at 5:45-6 and we were meant to leave at 6. But of course we didn’t leave till 7:40, and didn’t really actually become serious about leaving, as a group consensus, until about 7:20. I was stressing because this show was in the Valley. Always traffic, and it’s a trek from Long Beach to the Valley. The show was meant to start at 7:30 and I knew that a lot of fights had fallen through and off the card, so there would only be 6 bouts on the show.

I was nervous we’d never get it together and make it to the show. Trevor, who is my trainer and you know him as my co host on the Boxed In podcast, was giving me all kinds a hard time for being “that guy.”

I was being the archetype of the dad that is anxious at 8 am that the family is going to miss their 12 o’clock flight because “we better leave know because we don’t know how bad the security line is going to be.” Except, in my defense it was an abbreviated 6 bout show, scheduled to start at 7:30 and I was standing in Long Beach at 7:25, meanwhile it’s in the VALLEY.

It’s good to have a laugh about it now, and I’m sure Trevor will roast me on the podcast today when we record another episode.

Well we made it to the show. Everyone met Steve at the door with me and Steve displayed why Bash Boxing is the best promoter in Southern California, but for him he was just operating as Steve. I made sure Ivan Sylve, owner of Jackrabbits, met Steve, and I pointed out Ashton Sylve and Sincere Brooks, two amateur standouts that have bright professional careers soon on their horizon.

Once we got into the doors of the Marriot Ballroom where the show was held, we ended up catching 3 of the 6 fights. Everyone seemed to have a good time, I enjoyed it no doubt. Always good to see old familiar faces from the boxing community and connect with some of the people I know from Bash Boxing, or my past in Southern California boxing gyms. For some kids we brought it was their first time seeing a professional boxing show.

The Jackrabbits crew after the show was awesome as we helped out our friend and the ring provider, Pablo Rubio of Shark Sports, break down the whole ring and load it into his truck. We had fun watching fights, working, and joking together as the ballroom started to clear and we began to trickle out.

It wasn’t until the very end of the night, when we were leaving to the parking lot that Trevor smartly remembered we should grab a picture.

Then we loaded up in our packed cars, headed out the lot, and hauled down the road.

A lot less time heading down the 5 to Long Beach than on our way up.

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