July 7-8th Pacman-Horn recap/greivance, good week/bad week, more news

Hey Boxing TL;DR reader,

It’s important not to dwell on the past… but there aren’t any big fights to prep you for this weekend so I’m going to spend a few minutes talking about last week. A few readers also requested me to provide a breakdown of the big ESPN broadcast (don’t tell me you forgot already) of the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn. I disagreed with the judges’ decision, which Jeff Horn walked away with like a shopper whose cashier forgot to charge his card. Look I’m not going to go round by round because I don’t have time for that and you probably don’t either, but it was a classic case of punch volume (in this case thrown, not landed) being valued over punch efficacy. It’s hard to go into another fighters country and win a decision in a close fight, but especially hard when your up against the roaring of 50,000 fans in an rugby stadium that staged probably the biggest Australian boxing event to date. Horn had more output. He was sloppier, but he was throwing more. I didn’t say landing more, but throwing more. And let’s face it Manny wasn’t the rapid output, blindingly fast, relentless boxer he once was. He’s 38 now. Yes, Manny Pacquiao landed the more significant shots (his landed number was higher and higher accuracy rate too) and was even incredibly close to finishing horn in round 9, but those judges were influenced by the Horn’s optics of output with (many thrown but fewer landed) and a hometown crowd.

Next week Boxing TL;DR will return to what’s kind of the regular entrée of “Let me preview the big fight for you this weekend” or “read as I try my best to sell you on why you should give a damn this just this once…please just this one time will you watch?”

But that’s next week for now here are some TL;DR news bits from the boxing world and a return to a few features that have made the format in the past.

Other News Stories

Katie Taylor has been added to the July 29th Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia card in NYC. This is the Irish 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist’s first US appearance in her pro career. In addition to her Olympic Gold, the Irish star racked up 5 Gold Medals at the AIBA World Championships and various European titles in her amateur career. She now stands at 5-0 as a pro.

The good news from the new ESPN/Top Rank partnership continues. ESPN announced some of their upcoming programming including Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Miguel Marriaga on August 5th and Terrance Crawford vs. Julius Indongo, which will be a belt unifying fight with all 4 major belts on the line. Each guy brings his two, winner takes all. Finally a bout that will unify all belts in the division, we haven’t seen that in a while.

Just this morning a story came out that the WBO will rescore the Pacquiao vs Horn fight.  Means nothing though, the result will stand.  Get this, the pressure was brought on by the  Philippines Games and Amusement Board, and arm of the government.  They cite possible corruption.  It’s good to know your government’s got your back.  To say boxing lacks integrity and is lined with corruption is by no means a shocking position to take.  Corruption on the part of the judges or ineptitude?

Who’s having a good week?

Female boxing.  In addition to the announcement of Katie Taylor to the Broner-Garcia card, the five weight classes World Champion Amanda Serrando and Heather Hardy have been added to this big Barclays Center show.

Who’s having a bad week?

Philippine Boxing.  Or should it be the WBO that’s having the bad week?

Prospect of the week

Ruben Villa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW6IXm7APd4&t=9s  warning: the video is not great)

He’s from Salinas, California.  Also known as lettuce country.  He tore it up as an amateur and was a close miss from making the Olympics when he lost against Skakur Stevens (eventual silver medalist) in the US Olympic Trials.  He’s off to a great start as a pro at 7-0 and now trains down here in nearby Santa Fe Springs.

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