June 16-17th Ward-Kovalev 2, Some free tv boxing, Maywether-McGregor mention

“Back in my day, I remember a time when a fighter would make about $800 in his pro debut.”

-Garrity McOsker

Connor McGregor is about to make multiple millions of dollars in his pro debut against Floyd Mayweather Jr. but that’s not even the ridiculous part, I’ll get to that later. I have some boxing to talk about first. This is Boxing TL;DR where you get the layman friendly breakdowns of the boxing world which you are otherwise deprived of in your regular media diet. This is Boxing TL;DR, where I try to bring you something new each week, not the rehashing of a year long non-story about what will, now that the thing has been made, be a non-fight. You can get that from SportsCenter, or any other sources that piggybacked coverage of this deal signing on Wednesday. Where when one of these legacy sources makes their once-a-year, on average, mention of boxing it ends up just being an aggregation of the articles the 5 or so other legacy outlets reported.

What I’m saying is if you’re one of the convinced souls that think Mayweather-McGregor will be competitive, exciting, or by any means important to fight game, you weren’t at all a tough sell because you bought into a version of sensationalism that is so badly over priced it makes the likes of JaMarcus Russell, Charlie Weis, and Twitter stock’s first day all look like bargains.


On HBO PPV: The rematch between Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev. These two fought each other in in November but the decision (which Ward won) was controversial. They’re getting back at it to settle the score rather quickly, which is a breath of fresh air in an era where we’ve grown used to having to wait for long stretches for important rematches and blockbuster matchups that take years to build/promote/bicker back and forth. Not these guys, they’re getting right back in the ring. Even though the fight was set rather quickly there was still plenty of smack talk however. It was actually quite entertaining to follow Kovalev on the socials and watch him attempt to use his newly gained bits of English against ward.

TL;DR this HBO promo video actually does a pretty good job of giving you the tl;dr on this fight but here are a few other notes

  • Ward is the last American male boxer to have won an Olympic Gold for the United States. 2004 Athens.
  • Sergey Kovalev, known as the Krusher, has an 81% KO percentage, having ended the night early for 26 of his 32 opponents. He is 30-1-1 with his only loss coming from the Andre Ward, whom he knocked down to the canvas in round 2 of their first bout.

…the rest of the Weekend Boxing Schedule

June 16

At Detroit:

  • Claressa Shields vs. Sydney LeBlanc, 8 rounds, female super middleweights.

Shields (2x US Olympic Gold Medalist) is facing her 3rd victim as a pro and will be fighting in her first scheduled 8 round fight, which is a fast pace of progression for a young pro.

  • Demetrius Banks vs. Alexey Zubov, 10 rounds, cruiserweights
  • Bakhtiyar Eyubov vs. Cesar Soriano, 6 rounds, welterweights

June 17

At Frisco, Texas (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes): (you said you’d like some boxing on free tv, well here it is on the weekend in prime time, a good option if you cant catch the PPV Ward-Kovalev)

  • Pablo Cesar Cano vs. Fidel Maldonado Jr., 10 rounds, junior welterweights
  • Joshua Franco vs. Oscar Mojica, 8 rounds, junior bantamweights
  • Hector Tanajara Jr. vs. Eduardo Reyes, 6 rounds, junior lightweights

Did you Know?

Manny Pacquiao actually has a fight around the corner… Ya, it’s kinda gotten a cricket’s response stateside but over in Austrailia, where he’s taking on the 2012 Olympian Jeff Horn on July 1st, they’ve already sold over 40,000 tickets and are rumored to sell out the 55,000 seat Suncorp Stadium in Horn’s local Brisbane. Wild huh? Horn is fresh, only 16-0, which is kind of an odd match up for a 59-6-2 Pacquiao.

Who’s having a great week?

Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios. The fighter who went into sort of retirement after losing to Timothy Bradley via body shot, a fight he struggled making weight for with multiple weigh ins and looked like complete garbage. We’ll he made his comeback on Sunday. His body still looks like dog shit, but he did do a fine enough job beating up his PBC opponent in this tune up fight. I think Bam Bam is feeling good right now, forget the fact that he’s got a mush brain. I love Brandon Rios by the way. Huge fan. Loved watching so many of his fights. Here’s a homework assignment: go watch his trilogy against Mike Alvarado. I also remember him beating Urbano Antillon at the Home Depot Center in Carson back in ’11, the first World Championship fight I ever witnessed.

Who’s having a bad week?

Deontay “the Bronze Bomber” Wilder. He got arrested and charged with marijuana possession yesterday. Tough week for the WBC heavyweight title holder. It’s only going to get tougher for him when Anthony Joshua comes looking for his belt, the missing piece in what hopefully becomes a unified division.

Prospect of the Week


Hector Tanajara  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebd_xpem9uY)


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