Klitchko vs. Joshua – Big prospects in Studio City tonight – What is a lineal champion?

Throughout the history of the sport, the heavyweight champion has been… a reason to talk about boxing at the water cooler.”

-Teddy Atlas

Well I have a heavyweight match up for you…

Even if you’re new to the sport/the tl;dr crowd, you’ve probably heard of Wladimir Klitchko. The younger brother of long time world champion Vitali had a long reign as the World Heavyweight Champion himself.  As a younger brother of the then dominant champion, Vitali, he patiently waited for his opportunity to be in the limelight after the two had promised their mother to never fight each other.  He wasn’t overshadowed by his brother too long because for about 10 years he held at least a portion of the world title before losing to Tyson Fury in a very awkward fight in 2015. He also survived a childhood living on the outskirts of Chernobyl and is now married to Hayden Panettiere. Things get better.

Well since their fight, Tyson Fury has fallen off the deep end and basically vacated all those titles opening up championship opportunities. Meanwhile there is a young lad named Anthony Joshua from England who has been absolutely tearing it up and picked up one of these available belts (IBF). Only 27 years old, relatively untested at the Klitschko level but has a resume of a 2012 Olympic Gold Medal and in his 18 fights as a professional, has managed to rack up 18 impressive knockouts!

So you have the old champ coming back for another chance at what he believes is his crown (all the other sanctioning bodies are putting their vacated belts on the line for this, more than just the IBF at stake) versus a young champion who has amassed an incredible record and picked up a world title in very short time.

This fight will be on Showtime Live from England at 4:15pm ET and then will be showed again later on HBO in primetime.

Check out the promo here.  The video basically covers the tl;dr info for you.

Weekend fight Schedule

Friday 4/28

Studio City, CA

what’s known as the “Solo Boxeo” series on the airwaves, tonight on Unimas, check listings live/taped

(what’s known as the “Valley Fight Night” series in the flesh)

Top Rank is doing another one of those Unimas shows like the one I mentioned last week. I’ll be there helping out with the show on the promotional side for Bash Boxing/Top Rank. This fight will be featuring Casey RamosEric DeLeon, and Arnold Barboza Jr.  All three of these lads are stand out prospects that you should take a look at. Will be a few of the names that Top Rank will be elevating over the next few years.

Saturday/ 29

London, England 4:15pm ET Showtime, replay on HBO in primetime

Wladimir Klitchko vs. Anthony Joshua, 12 rounds, for the World Heavyweight Championship (multiple belts)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Carlos Zambrano vs. Claudio Marrero, 12 rounds, for Zambrano’s WBA interim featherweight title

Jeison Rasario vs. Nathaniel Gallimore, 10 rounds, middleweights

Prospect of the week

Going to give it out to the prospects on the Top Rank show in Studio City tonight. Check em out!

Arnold Barboza Jr.

Casey Ramos

Eric DeLeon

Boxing Flashcards

“Lineal Champion”

  • To add to the mix of all the various uses of “champion” I’ve thrown at you (outside of the sanctioning bodies… all giving out there own belts, at a 3% fee of the purse of course…), there is this concept of the “Lineal Champion.” Before we get to what a “lineal champion” means we have to establish the Undisputed Champion status. This is when there is a champion who has reigned supreme in his division and has actually collected all the belts from each organization in his weight class. He is the Undisputed Champion, no one else can lay claim to a slice of the world championship. So let’s say fighter A is and undisputed champion, fighter B comes along and beats A, then usually he takes all the titles and the undisputed crown, but not always. Maybe not all the belts were at stake for this particular showdown or there were belt vacancies at a given point of B’s reign after his matchup with A.
  • The Lineal Champion concept is a chain of victors which indicates “the last guy to have beaten the guy… the boxer who beat the man who was the most recent Undisputed World Champion… or the guy who beat that guy. That’s why it’s a lineal champion.
  • This is a concept that really lives in the boxing writers’ world and not much else, no belt given, simply a title. There is not always a Lineal Champion for a given weight class at a given point in time, because it is contingent on tracing back to a particular Undisputed Champion, which is another rarity. Still, it’s a fun and unique way to qualify a fighter’s resume while paying respects to earlier fighters who were part of that resume.

tl;dr : Signifies that last person to have beaten the most recent Undisputed World Champion. Or the last person to have beaten the man who beat the Undisputed World Champion.  A “Lineal Champion” is not a real belt, just a title.

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