Last newsletter of the year…

I promise.

Getting this one out to you guys late, but it really doesn’t matter because there is no time sensitive material in this one. No fights on TV, you’d miss. The only big fight I can find is in Japan tonight.

I think 2017 was a pretty good year for boxing, we had some good fights, but the disappointments just seemed to get too much attention this year.

I want to look at what might be coming in 2018.

Most important things I want to see happen in 2018:

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder need to fight in 2018. It would be the first meaningful fight in the heavyweight division in years. Also the first time a heavyweight match up will also have mainstream appeal in I don’t know how long… because I’ve never seen it in my lifetime (the conscious and memorable portion of it at least).

If you’re still asking yourself who Deontay Wilder is (and haven’t been reading these newsletters where I’ve mentioned him in the past) he’s the dude who knocked out Bermane Stiverne so bad you saw that 1 round clip everywhere, even on the normie sites and bro sites like Barstool Sports. That guy. And if you’re asking yourself who Anthony Joshua is, you definitely haven’t been reading these because I’ve written about him extensively. He sells out arenas on his own in Britain, something we struggle doing with an entire card here.

I want to see Terrance Crawford take on the top of the welterweight division in 2018. Moving up to his new weight class in 2018 should be exciting to watch. He has left all the 140lb belts up for grabs after dominating the division and moving up when there was no one left to really challenge him. The welterweight division has long been a hot division in the sport of boxing. A lot of talent resides there right now and there will be higher purses in Crawford’s 147 pound home. I would like to see him in 1 or 2 big fights at 147 before challenging one of the belt holders. I think it needs to happen in 2018.

Keith Thurman vs Errol Spence Jr. in 2018 would be nice. This is one of the great potential match ups of the welterweight division right now. Thurman recently expressed that he’d like to see the fight get bigger before it happens. But I don’t really see that happening, just get on with it and fight. Both fighters are managed/promoted by the same guy, whose portfolio is too thick to focus on any one guy right now. We wont see resources poured into making this fight a bigger buzz at this point so you just gotta take it at first opportunity.

Could be a great fight. I like Keith Thurman a lot. I like his style, he’s entertaining to watch fight and to listen to. But I’m really bullish on Spence Jr. being the next guy to take the torch of American Boxing King. What I mean is, that guy who ends up being known by all and for about 10 years is the single boxer that normies will be able to name. Think Oscar De La Hoya and then Floyd Maywether Jr.

Lomachenko fight at 135 in 2018. This psychopath says he’s going to move up another weight class once again. And you know he’s gonna do it it’s just a matter of getting the right match up. Mikey Garcia, who holds a lightweight title, said he would fight Loma. Both have asked their promoter’s for the other. We’ll see.

Stephen A. Smith needs to be reassigned from any boxing coverage on ESPN. It’s great ESPN started doing full on productions of fight cards again in 2017 but in 2018 they need to not have a guy who knows as much as my newest normie reader go up and pontificate, often incorrectly, about boxing at every chance he gets.

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