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Hey everyone thanks for the click. How’s everyone doing? This issue has a little bit of recap, a little dash of ongoing news (to satiate your Canelo-GGG rumor needs!), I’ll throw at you another prospect of the week for you to check out, and I’m thinking about trying out this “boxing flash cards” feature I’ll throw at the end of future emails. If you have any boxing terms you’ve heard but want clarification on you can send them to me in a reply. Thank you for your past suggestion emails you’ve sent to me, they are either going to appear in newsletters here or are going to be future topics of blog posts for the new boxing tl;dr website that will be rolling out soon.

Lomachenko vs Sosa Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to see any of the fight you can watch the highlights here or see the full fight here.  Lomachenko just continues to amaze me, everyone. I’ve said it before, but I can’t stress how remarkable it is for a guy to be at this stage in his pro tally to taking on opponents of such high caliber (or not, when he runs out of people who will fight him like he did at 126lbs).

A lot of people are already calling him the Pound for Pound champion right now.

(P4Pchampion is a term in boxing for who writers and fans consider the best boxer across weight classes, often contentious, completely unscientific, fun nonetheless)

just a little recap of his 9 fight pro career

Pro debut– fought against a 25-3 Jose Ramirez in a featherweight bout (126lbs) that had a WBO International* Featherweight Title on the line      *remember “international” is not a “World Champion” title, generally it’s the resume title just one rank below of prestige points, still absolutely remarkable to be fighting for a tile of any type in your debut. Granted he was possibly the best amateur of all time (396 wins, 1 loss) and as a late pro who stuck around in the amateurs to win two Olympic Gold Medals the clock was ticking and he needed to be on a fast track. It’s just great that, ya know, he and his people have actually done that and have not padded him and his record at all. In fact the very opposite, they’re going straight for the jugular on only the toughest opponents they can find.

2nd pro fight– He fights and loses a split decision to a veteran Orlando Salido (41-12) who is today a 4 time World Champion in two different weight classes. And don’t think that Salido is over the hill either, he fought in what most people consider the “Fight of the Year” for 2016 when he went to war with Francisco Vargas. Check out that fight on youtube too when you get a chance. Lomachenko’s management took an unheard of risk in having their prospect fight Salido in only his second pro fight. He lost this fight in a split decision and I actually like how this played out because it makes the story even better. And Loma continued to go after the best..

3rd pro fight– Lomachenko beats the undefeated former US Olympian Gary Russell Jr. for the vacant WBO World featherweight title

4th pro fight– beats 51-1 Suriya Tatakhun in his first title defense

5th pro fight– knocks out 25-2-3 Gamalier Rodriquez in his second defense on the undercard of Mayweather-Pacquiao

6th pro fight– knocks out 25-4 Romulo Koasicha in his third defense of his featherweight title

7th pro fight– moves up to super featherweight (130lbs), takes on the WBO title holder at that weight, Roman Martinez(29-2-3), knocks him out

8th pro fight– Obliterates Nicholas Walters (26-0-1) and forces him to retire from the fight (quit on the stool)

9th pro fight– His just recent fight against Sosa, Sosa showed a lot of heart did not quit like Walters but his corner/doc called an end to the fight that he was just purely out classed in

Now Loma wants to move up to 135lbs and is calling out WBC titleholder Mikey Garcia!

tl;dr Vasyl Lomachenko is really good at boxing and is tearing up competition in his quick rise up the ranks, and now up the weight classes of boxing, some are considering him the Pound for Pound best in boxing already. It’s early in his career, this will continue to be an exciting one to watch. jump onboard


In a press conference on Tuesday Canelo and co. stated that after this fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (one I’ve expressed my feelings on in prior newsletters, and I think is a waste of time for fight fans) he will be a full time middleweight.  Not “Caneloweight” (155lb catchweight the wbc allowed him), not the ridiculous catchweight (164.5) this May 6th fight is scheduled at, he will be fighting as a genuine 160 pound middleweight after this bout.

Is the matchup with GGG on the horizon? We can only hope. Supposedly Golden Boy (Canelo’s promoter) and K2 Promotions (GGG’s promoter) are in talks…

GGG vs Canelo on September 16th? (Coinciding with Mexican Independence Day weekend, big fight weekend, as is this Cinco De Mayo weekend for this upcoming fight) Let’s hope we see it happen.

Prospect of the week

Check out Felix Verdejo of Puerto Rico signed to Top Rank

*Early Heads up* your next chance to watch the readily accessible #freetvboxing of Golden Boy on ESPN is Thursday April 20th. It will be right before the next tl;dr newsletter so hopefully you watch and are able to beat me to the punch on my recap! (so cheesy)

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