MayMac thoughts, USA goes for gold Sat., unificaiton and disunification


So what did you guys all think of the fight?  Frustrating to watch for the several rounds as Floyd came in to bait but not throw, Conor with his hammer fist punches, but there were a few moments.  It’s fair to say it was a mismatch that was well crafted enough to drag the PPV purchaser along long enough to not be up in arms about being bamboozled out of their $100.  (btw, did any of you follow my 5 step financial advice column? How many Amazon affiliate sales did I rake in from your book club?)

…But it could have been worse right?  Ya it could have been a lot worse.  Rather than giving you the not so fan friendly version of a fight filled with shoulder rolls and economy of motion based fight strategy, Floyd did something a little different.  He came forward sure (as opposed to sitting back and slipping every punch, a style that he’s been a master at), but he really did his little routine where he made it look interesting early on, then conceed a round, win a round, all the while keeping enough hope in the hearts of the UFC fans who purchased the fight.  As I said, it could have been a lot worse as I was pessimistically preparing for the worst and hoping for the best  better.  It could have been an unsatiating 12 round bore fest.  At least we got to see Floyd allow McGregor enough slack to hang himself my his own rope in round number 10.

If you’re looking for an analysis of what happened, how the fight came to be, and how you bought into it here is an excellent piece by Andreas Hale.


There are fights tonight, on a slightly smaller scale, but they feature a lot of good talent out of Golden Boy. Tonight’s card coming live from the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, part of GB’s frequent LA Fight Club series, will be broadcast live on at 7pm Pacific. This card features Manny Robles Jr (son of Manny Robles, the trainer of just about everybody who’s making waves in Southern California right now, a lot of strong talent backed with large promotional deals in Oscar Valedez, Jessie Magdaleno, Mick Conlan, Jason Quigley, Emilio Sanchez, Everton Lopes, Dominic Breazeale, Vyacheslav Shabranskyy … you get the picture). This card also features Everton Lopes, the 2 time Brazilian Olympian who won an amateur world championship in 2011, in his first fight back after a two year layoff. We sparred once, actually it was twice I think.

 September 1

At Los Angeles (Estrella TV):

  • Manny Robles Jr. vs. Jose Estrella, 8 rounds, featherweights
  • Cesar Diaz vs. Antonio Rodriguez, 6 rounds, bantamweights
  • Everton Lopes vs. Daniel Bastien, 6 rounds, lightweights
  • Javier Martinez vs. Jose Martinez, 6 rounds, junior lightweights

 September 2

A few days ago I sent out a blast to the Boxing TL;DR reader base about our national team members at the AIBA World Championships in Germany happening right now.  Yesterday the USA had two boxers in Troy Isley and Freddy Rojas Jr. take bronze medals as they exited the tournament in the semi finals.

Duke Regan, who is only 19 years old, is fighting tomorrow for the Elite Men’s World Championship in the AIBA tournament.  I gold medal win would end the USA’s 18 year title drought in for such a title.

Tune in at about 9:30am Pacific tomorrow to see Duke take home the gold!  The session starts at 9am Pacific, Duke’s bout is expected to be at about 9:30.

For access to tournament stream visit

Another important fight happening on September 3rd between Daniel Roman and Shun Kubo. Roman is challenging for Kubo’s WBA World Super Bantamweight title. It’s exciting to see a local fighter go overseas and challenge for a world title. Daniel Roman is one of the fighter’s I have featured in an earlier edition of Boxing TL;DR’s “Prospect of the Week” feature.

Other News:

Terence Crawford given mandatory challenger by the IBF, uninterested, relinquishes IBF belt, vacant title fight is ordered by organization.

That was fast.  I feel like I didn’t even get the chance to express how remarkable it was to watch Terence Crawford beat Julius Indongo and truly unify the division just two weeks ago.  The word is he wants to move up to 147 though, so that was a every short lived Unified Champion.

Peter Quinlan to return after 21 month layoff.  The former champ will fight in Las Vegas on September 8th in his fist appearance since getting knocked out by Daniel Jacobs in December of 2015.

Deontay Wilder (WBC Champ) vs. Luis Ruiz in the talks.  Also in the talks is how badly British heavyweight Anthony Joshua (holder of the WBA, IBF, and IBO belts who won those belts in a fight against Wladimir Klitchko that many of you enjoyed) wants to fight the winner of this fight.  Could be a cool change to see a unification at the heavyweight division

Prospect of the Week

Manny Robles Jr.

Father and son training

Facing off with Gervonta Davis when they were both amateurs.

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