My Favorite Fight of a Young 2019

Explosiveness may wean off as even the top tier fighters age. It turns out skills don’t.

On Saturday the 23rd, Huberto Soto put on a performance that has been my favorite fight in this young 2019. A year in which I am expecting many great things for boxing.

Both great fighters, top tier guys, former world champions even.

We’re they each in the twilight years of their careers when they finally met? Yes.

Did that make this not an entertaining fight? Absolutely not.

What you saw was craft. Style match ups, err style missmatches, are often the active ingredients for “Will this be an exciting, competitive fight?”

Brandon Rios is a never say die guy, so you know you’re gonna get a show. On Saturday, the even older and wiser Humberto Soto was the technician. He put on a clinic of old school boxing skills, and it sure was a pleasure to watch these two fight each other, regardless of what stage of their careers they met in.

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