Roy Jones Junior FINALLY retires

Thank God… The man’s legacy was starting to diminish fighting all these fights that he didn’t need to be in and didn’t add to his brand or anything.

He is a legend. And he ended his career in the coolest way. In front of a crowd of his hometown fans in Pensacola, Florida in the same arena he made his pro debut in in 1989 fresh off the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

People forget that Roy Jones Jr. suffered one of the biggest robberies of all time when he “lost” to the local Park Si-Hun and instead was given the silver medal in the Seoul Games. Oh wait no one does? Ya, because it was the biggest robbery of all time.

The man may not have a perfect record but he is one of the best American boxers in history. He’ll be forever remembered for how could both paint the canvas with his beautiful footwork, but also mop up the floor with his opponents. He’ll be remembered for his entertaining trickery and how he dominated multiple weight classes. Oh and that regrettable bathroom selfie (or 2) he took.

Also big shout out to RJJ for making the one pair of Jordans I’ve ever owned. Those were sick!

Roy Jones Jr. finished a 66-9 career on Thursday with his final fight where he defeated Scott Sigman.

Saturday Night!

February 10

At Cancun, Mexico (beIN Sports Espanol):

  • Miguel Berchelt vs. Maxwell Awuku, 12 rounds, for Berchelt’s WBC junior lightweight title
  • Jaime Munguia vs. Jose Carlos Paz, 10 rounds, middleweights
  • Pedro Campa vs. Ivan Alvarez, 10 rounds, junior welterweights

Berchelt is someone you should be watching, it’s too bad you don’t know what beIN is. Or maybe you do, which is great, cuz I don’t.

At Park City, Kansas (CBS Sports Net, tape delayed):

  • Nico Hernandez vs. Jozsef Ajtai, 8 rounds, flyweights
  • Cesar Soriano vs. Javonte Starks, 6 rounds, welterweights

Nico Hernandez is a 2016 US Bronze medalist who is off to a good start. This is a name you should keep on your radar early. He’s with a promoter that has had most of his fights on CBS Sports Net, but hopefully he can have a shot on some more widely viewed networks soon.

Other News

Rumors that Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linarez will fight. This is coming from Loma’s mouth at a press conference. Nothing signed yet. Fresh rumor.

So that’s a rumor of a couple of hours ago.

If we go back to an old rumor of 2 whole days ago it was supposed to be Loma fighting Manny Pacquiao.  Both rumors should keep us tuned though.


And one other rumor. Roy Jones Jr. would make a comeback for one fight only …Anderson Silva.

JJR’s retirement fight was the first boxing match on the UFC Fight Pass broadcasting platform, so we know Jones knows Dana White.

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