Not Fade Away…

Although I wish you would, Adrien Broner.

I have been wishing for this for quite awhile.  If you tune in and see his pre-fight shenanigans, you’ll know exactly why.

Broner, although no where near his skill level or financial status, considers himself to be a Mayweather incarnate.  He even calls himself Mayweather’s “little brother” and as is the case with little brothers all around the world, this one deserves a good older brother beating.  But that’s not even his dumbest nickname.  No his dumbest one is “AB/About Billions.”  I guess he’s one of those guys who is on that image treadmill where you have to convince people you’re just filthy rich in order for you to get filthy rich.  But who are you kidding, we know how much a billion is, wait do you know Adrien?  He’s had a few losses and is a little off from when he was at his amazing peek (title holder at 23 years old).  But after all his obnoxious antics like the time he recorded himself flushing small bills down the toilet, or the time he threw change down on the ground at a Walmart to show the poor cashier his level of wealth, I am so ready for this guy to fade away and never be on my TV again. Mocking the poor is so low man, and let’s not forget you were the one shopping at the Walmart, good for you dude.  So I thought maybe he would fade away after receiving what I thought was a judging gift in his last fight against Adrian Granados.  But he’s still here on my TV getting the main event spot.  Enter Mikey Garcia.  Will he be our answer? To finally put this guy away.  I hope so.

(I should also mention that I’ve always been nervous about making a Buddy Holly reference.  I have a pretty deep music knowledge but only in a narrow area.  I have no width to cover all the general classics that I’m supposed to know.  What I’m saying is well for the longest time I had a hard time figuring out that Buddy Holly, Billie Holiday, and Billy Idol were all different people.)

This Weekend’s Schedule

coupla fights tonight but nothing you can find on TV so I’ll move on to Saturday. (idk how good your cable is but Zou Shiming is fighting in Shanghai…)

Sat July 29th

From Tucson, Arizona (Tune in on #freetv ESPN2!)

Sadam Ali vs. Johan Perez, 10 rounds, welterweights

Sadam Ali is an American Olympian from the 2008 Olympics.  First Arab-American to represent US in boxing.  Also first Ali to do so.  His only loss comes from Jessie Vargas, a top quality welterweight, when they faced off for a vacant WBO title last year. He’s coming off of an impressive knock out against Jorje Silva in his last fight.

Patrick Teixeira vs. Andrew Hernandez, 8 rounds, junior middleweights

Patrick Teixeira is a Brazian who is just beggining to make his splash in the US.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him fight and he is one tough, brutal fighter.  His only loss comes against Curtis Stevens, which was a big test for the 26 year old.

Pablo Rubio Jr. vs. David Perez, 4 or 6 rounds, junior featherweights

Pablo Rubio Jr. is a local kid from Whittier that is signed to Golden Boy and has been off to a great start.  He’s a good kid and I wish the best for him.  I think this is probably his biggest test in his young career.  David Perez, who I’ve seen train at our gym recently when he came for sparring, is not an “opponent.” This fight right here is a instance in which a promoter puts their talent against another real talent to see what happens and begin to make decisions on where to further invest their money and promotional efforts.  Perez has a good record too and has been featured in bouts with PBC, the made-for-tv roadshow promotion from manager/”advisor”/”promoter”/man of mystery Al Haymon.

From New York (on Showtime)

Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia, 12 rounds, junior welterweights

Mikey Garcia is a former world champion at featherweight (126), who recently came out of retirement and quickly picked up a WBC world title at lightweight (135) and now is fighting at junior welterweight (140) for the first time.  He’s undefeated at 36-0 but this should be a big challenge when you consider he’s facing a great boxer in Broner and is quickly moving up in weight.  I’m not sure just how good Garcia is post retirement and at his new weight class, but I’m putting my faith in him on this one.  Mikey Garcia is trained by his older brother Robert Garcia, one of the best trainers in the game right now.

Jermall Charlo vs. Jorge Sebastian Heiland, 12 rounds, WBC middleweight eliminator

This is Jermall guys, not to be confused with his twin brother Jermell.  Get it right!

Katie Taylor vs. Jasmine Clarkson, 8 rounds, female lightweights

Katie is the Irish Gold Medalist from the 2012 Olympics.  In addition to that she has one million other gold medals from amateur tournaments such as the European Games, European Championships, and EU Championships.  Yes, those are all different tournaments, and no I haven’t sorted it out either.  Her first time fighting in the US!


Rau’shee Warren vs. McJoe Arroyo, 12 rounds, IBF junior bantamweight eliminator

Rau’shee Warren competed in the Olympics for the US 3 times.  Patient man, he wanted his gold.  He got screwed in 2008.  Being in 3 Olympics is a crazy feat and in the sport of boxing means* missing out on the professional ranks. In boxing I don’t think that’s ever happened in another non communist country.

*at least it used to.  There is a new hybrid pro/am format now but only a few countries opted to allow it.  I’m not sure what the future of pros in the Olympics is honestly

Other news

Mikaela Mayer, the 2016 US Olympian, is turning pro.  She just signed with Top Rank.  This is a big deal for women’s boxing.  Signing to a major promoter is a big deal and doing it from the start of your career is an even bigger one.  I think this might be the first female featured fighter Top Rank has signed to their stable.  Golden Boy had recently also done so with Marlen Esparza


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