Not Pitching You a Fight This Time

Boxing TL;DR Family, 

Happy Friday, thanks for tuning into the newsletter.  I’ve been loving the responses to these emails, and feedback on the podcast. 

Maybe some of you already know, or this might be fresh news to some.  To be completely honest, I started this project two years ago as a way to practice the craft of selling boxing, creatively exercise my communication, promote the sport, build a following, and create something that I would someday be able to use as the backbone of a career in fight promotions. (replace the Don King hair with G’s mullet) 

Today’s email is going to be different. 

89 years ago some Holy men came up with an idea. 

By organizing a rag tag group of aggressive young men who wanted to punch each other in the face, a Holy Cross priest used the same principles of fight promotion, the sensationalism, the honor, the blood, to create the most impact a boxing production has ever had. 

These priests, coaches, and gym rats got together and gave young men an opportunity to do something they never would have gotten, to experience this beautiful sport and add a growth mindset, via boxing, to a bunch of university book worms. 

This group of volunteers created an experience that folks in this chilly cow town wouldn’t have found anywhere else.  Weather it’s a smoker in a gymnasium or a fight at the MGM Grand, no doubt that MAGIC happens on the night of a boxing show. 

This group of volunteers + the young lads that decided they want to scrap, gave HUNDREDS of children the opportunity to go to school free of cost in Bangladesh, then still India, over the last 89 years. 

Among organizations at the University of Notre Dame, Bengal Bouts has the largest impact of them all.  And I am not saying that from some raa-raa standpoint of “look at me I fought in a smoker at ND, how neat.”  In fact every amateur fight I had before enrolling at Notre Dame was of larger scale, and I regard my achievement of fighting professionally in higher regard than an opportunity to win a silly flex jacket and have my abs on a poster in the DeBartolo academic hallways. 

NO the standpoint I’m coming from when I say “Bengal Bouts has the largest impact of them all” among university programs, is that I saw the dozens of schools that our tournament funds and literally TWO of the best universities in the country of Bangladesh made possible by the work of our Holy Cross fathers and the opportunity fans have to fund one small nation’s entire niche of private higher education.  

Maybe you never got to trade punches in the ring.  BUT, You do get to put a book in a kid’s hand this year. 

Girls and Boys, tribals and majority, kids from each of the religious backgrounds in the ‘desh.

They all get educated by our Holy Cross fathers free of cost.  Thank you for donating.      

Boxing TL;DR 

Tonight is the 89th Bengal Bouts Finals. You can watch it here  

short recap-

Rios Soto, which I talked about in last week’s email and in the first 10 min’s of Episode 4 of the podcast, was an incredibly enjoyable fight for me. 

Find out why here.  

The Oskers recently took place I heard.  Oh, You like movies? 

Nice. Cuz, intern Ryan Watt produced his second article for the venerable Boxing TL;DR news organization.  You can read it here.  

I’ll leave you off there.  Get ready for more fire next week.  Podcast guests are on deck and plenty of great prose coming your way next week. 


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