Pacman tomorrow, Junior Olympics live this morning, plus a dash of culture for ya

Hey all,

Depending on when you’re reading this, you can tune in NOW to watch some of USA Boxing’s future stars battle it out in Day 4 of the Junior Olympics. It’s streaming starting 12pm Eastern.

Click the link below to watch some badass young kids achieve feats most adults don’t dare. (streams from 4 rings provided)

So the Manny Pacquiao fight against Jeff Horn is on ESPN at 9pm Eastern. I’ve spent enough time covering this fight to some detail in previous additions of Boxing TL;DR so I wont now. But I’m just going to ask you, are you going to tune in? If you’ve ever been one to soapbox on the downturn of boxing or ever been one to ask more of boxing, I saw what are you waiting for now? Now’s your chance, do me a favor and tune in at least. It’s your blue chip fighter on your blue chip network, c’mon American sports fan this one’s on a platter for you. Mangia!

Here’s a snippet cool radio story piece LA’s KCRW did recently. Check it out if you want to get cultured. The intersection of music and boxing has always been an interesting thing for me to look at. If you think there are none, check out Bob Dylan’s Hurricane.

Side note: My next hardcore punk band I’ve dreamed up is going to be called Effective Aggression. A name that I think harks to a certain type and era of punk rock I’m after and, Boxing TL;DR faithful readers will know this, is lined with a joke that alludes to one of scoring criteria in professional boxing. Now taking musician applications.

Intro to the KCRW piece:

Short and sweet. Easy homework, tune in to ESPN tomorrow. See you next week!

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