Recounting Wilder – Fury + Up next Loma, Lopez, y Canelo

Hello Boxing TL;DR family,

Some of you I’m catching for the first time in a while, hi again.  We had some issues with our list getting chunked when we switched over to a new email client.  If you know of anyone who used to get these emails, doesn’t anymore, but still wants to start receiving them again, please have them email me and I’ll reset them on this list.
So Wilder – Fury has come and gone.  I hope you all tuned in to watch it.  I sure got my money’s worth (Dan, i’ll pay you back when I see you next i promise).  I really do like both fights.  Fury’s got quite a comeback story right now, he’s a great champion for mental health, a cause which is near and dear to my heart, and straight up he’s a really entertaining guy.  Deontay Wilder is a lights out show stopper, holds an unbelievable knock out ratio, and I’ve been watching him since the 2008 Olympics, when I too still dreamed of being an Olympian.  I knew I would go to that fight and end up finding something to be happy about regardless of the victor.   But when it came time, I was rooting for USA over GB for sure.  But also really just the sport of boxing.
I’d say the sport of boxing did win.
Were you not entertained?!
Although the public’s faith in boxing judging did not.  I was rooting for my fellow American, Deontay Wilder, I was exuberant when he had scored that 12th round knock down.  But Tyson Fury did win that fight, plain and simple.  A split-draw (one judge says A won, one says B won, 3rd says it was dead tie) is probably the nastiest way to witness a draw.  Judge Alejandro Rochin was the one judge who saw Wilder as the winner and scored it 115-111 giving Wilder 7 rounds and Fury only 5 (10 point to the round winner, 9 to the loser, or 8 when there is a knockdown).
Rochin gave the first 4 rounds to Wilder, there’s just no way that Wilder won all of the first 4 rounds.  Perhaps there was an effect that it took a few rounds for bias to finally wear off.  Regardless, this is what happened and we got a draw.  The ultimate hung jury, complete indecision with no consensus and no majority.
But it was a damn good fight.  We saw a pair of awesome knockdowns, and one of the most amazing returns to the feet of all time.  That was moment that eclipses this whole fight.
If you didn’t have time to catch the fight on Saturday and you somehow did see the highlights in your social feeds, this one broke into the mainstream and normie circles even, then you NEED to just watch this real quick.
Round 12 of their December 1st title fight.
But if you didn’t see any of the fight and you’re going to base your entire judgement off of this video, you should find the rest of the fight on YouTube and please just not do that kinda thing anymore.  That’s the mission of Boxing TL;DR, to rid the laziness of sports consumption.  I’m trying to do the inverse to Colin Cowherd, please keep reading my letters and let me be that for just this small niche.  You can drink Monday morning quarterback soup through a funnel with those guys, but here at Boxing TL;DR we’re just trying to get ourselves ready to watch the fights.
Read the letter, watch the fights, spread the gospel of boxing.
So whats the next fight on the docket then?   For a big name fight? Well that would probably be the December 15th showdown between Canelo Alvarez and Rocky Fielding.  This is the first of that gargantuan deal this little ginger snap signed with DAZN, the streaming broadcast service.  For only $10 bucks a month you get to watch.  Some people are still surprised that boxing is moving the way of streaming content.  Also, 10 million people streamed the 75 dollar Wilder Fury fight illegally for free. Weird huh.🤔
So if you’re down to join with a subscription to DAZN, I’d say you’ll end up getting your money’s worth, and if you are worried you won’t, well work on that.  Even if you subbed out only the Canelo fights, you’re still saving from what you would have spent on PPV for just his fights.  Plus you get a whole calendar in addition to that.  Last weekend I saw a fight from Italy, never would have had that opportunity to see this prospect Fabio Turchi at such an early stage back in the HBO era.  If you don’t want to check Diez dollares to watch Canelo on December 15th, you can hit me up, I’ll be hosting the fight.
But Garrity, I NEED my boxing fix NOW.
I gotchu homes.  There’s fights on your favorite… ESPN, this Saturday.
Who’s fighting?
Well, Vasiliy Lomachenko is… One of the most featured dudes in this newsletter’s history.  If you don’t know him yet, here’s a video for you.
And if you do (or you don’t) Tune in this weekend.
Here’s the card

Dec. 8

At New York (ESPN/ESPN Deportes):

  • Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. Jose Pedraza, 12 rounds, WBA/WBO lightweight unification
  • Isaac Dogboe vs. Emanuel Navarrete, 12 rounds, for Dogboe’s WBO junior featherweight title
  • Teofimo Lopez Jr. vs. Mason Menard, 10 rounds, lightweights
Pay close attention to Teofimo Lopez, ladies and gentlemen.  Sometimes people ask me “who are the up and comers I should be watching early?”
This time, its this guy.  Seriously.
The internet  had fun with the miraculous resurrection of Tyson Fury in round 12.

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