Shields vs. Hammer, Contender status on the way for LA boxer

Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer

Probably the biggest fight in women’s boxing history.  There have been a few big stars over the years, Kristy Martin, Laila Ali and Ann Wolfe come to mind.  But the thing is, and if you’ve seen an Ann Wolfe tape you’ll know exactly what I mean, the women who have been stars in the past didn’t have the depth of competition as today.  We are in a peak moment in women’s boxing right now, there are so many big names at one time.  Shout out to Ireland’s Katie Taylor who is absolutely brilliant, but Claressa leads the pack.  I think collectively they are lucky they are so distant in weight class, as to not dissipate any star power from the other.

Anyway this fight, things have been heated between these two.  Many altercations at post fight appearances to build this fight, first fight date postponement, plenty of trash talking on the internet.  All the titles are on the line.  American Claressa has far fewer professional fights, can’t blame her for becoming a champ so early… But I still think she takes victory over German Christina Hammer.


April 13th, Showtime, Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer, middleweights, 10 rounds, IBF/WBA/WBC/WBO  unification

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Anthony Crolla

This is actually a huge card at the Staples Center tonight.  I should be going but I have a flight to Guadalajara to catch.  Gotta check up on some chickens and agave 🤫🤠.  I’m not spending much time thinking about the main event, because I actually think Loma is gonna smoke Crolla.  And good, don’t like Crolla too much.  First of all he’s British, and I remember he beat my buddy Darleys Perez.

The rest of this card is absolute 🔥 though.  Here’s a few of the match ups that matter, or guys you should pay attention to.  Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez vs. Tommy Karpency.  If you don’t know Zurdo yet, you should.  Super middleweight champ, fighting at light heavyweight for this one.  Christopher Zavala vs. Sergio Antonio Gonzalez.  Chris Zavala is a bright young Top Rank prospect from the area and is off to a fast start.  We’re going to try to get him on the podcast, but this is definitely a name you should tune into now, so that you could say you saw him fight when he was still a prospect 😉.

Here’s the fight I really want you to pay attention too though: Mike Alvarado vs. Arnold Barboza Jr. Arnold is a local guy and a friend of mine.  He’s a Top Rank fighter and this is a huge step for him, big show at Staples Center, on the co-feature TV portion (I’m pretty sure) of the card.  Mike Alvarado, you could say is kind of a gate keeper in this match up.  And if the younger Arnold Barboza Jr. can show his promoter he’s got it tonight, beating Alvarado is a passage into contender opportunities for sure.  Rooting hard for Arnold tonight, I think he’s got it.  I think if you tune in tonight you have a good chance of catching the inflection point of a young champion’s career.

That’s all, more next week.  Thank you for reading.

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