The 1 Year Anniversary Edition

53 weeks of this thing and I can’t believe you’re still clicking this email!

Yup, my first one went out on January 13th 2017 and I’ll just pretend that I intentionally released this on a Saturday, not Friday, to match up with the with the anniversary of the first one.

This newsletter started as a 6 week commitment and I had fun with it so kept going. If you have been enjoying it, I ask that you please share it with someone and then go ahead and relentlessly coerce them into signing up for the best free boxing newsletter on the web. Stop trying to hide the source of your now superior boxing knowledge from your friends. Let them in on the fun and be part of the club who can name more than 3 boxers in the world and who’s only boxing story is “my grandpa won the golden gloves.” We all know people like that and we hope there will be fewer of them in the future. Invite them over to our side and by the time the Canelo-GGG II party you attend rolls around you will all look like cool boxing insiders and get major props from your friends uncle. Or you could just take the Stephan A. Smith route. Well, the ESPN, feed-you-the-basic-same-5-stories-every-30-minutes and sound like an NFL genius strategy, just doesn’t work in boxing. Keep reading. Keep watching fights. Grow your love for this beautiful sport.

Help me get this newsletter to grow and I guess I’ll keep doing it. If you read something you want to critique, fire away, I hear you out.

On that note, this is the most boxing insider article you will ever be exposed to. Read Trevor Sambrano’s recent article on his reflections on the fight game, what it means to be one of the best in the world yet still unknown, and the not so obvious pain and suffering we go through for entertainment.

It’s the anniversary edition and I don’t have any up coming fight breakdowns for you this weekend…

It’s not my fault. There’s honestly nothing on the schedule this weekend.

The next fight on the calendar I want you to pay attention to is Saturday Jan 20th on Showtime.

Errol Spence Jr. will be put to a test against Lamont Peterson in a 12 round contest for Spence’s IBF welterweight title. If you remember from prior newsletters, I am very bullish on Errol Spence Jr. and I’m rooting for him to take the torch as the one of the next big American welterweights. The welterweight division has really been the gold division for at least this whole last generation. I think Spence has the stuff and will represent American boxing with honor.

The only tough part for me now is that Terrance Crawford, maybe my favorite current fighter, is becoming a welterweight now. The good news is that we have a wealth of new talent to star in arguably the sports most important division. Keep your eye out for Spence, a test against Lamont should be a quality experience for him. I hope 2018 is big for Crawford at his new weight class. I know he and his promoter Top Rank have plans for taking him to the top fights in the division as soon as possible. You can’t go from being the undisputed junior welterweight (all 4 belts) champion and then be waiting longer than a year for your first title opportunity in the new weight class.

A fight between Brandon Rios and Danny Garcia is on. Brandon Rios (“shit body” as my OG readers will remember from one of my earlier write ups) is back baby! After a 19 month retirement, but really just a nice rest he needed and deserved he came back to fight under his new promoter Premier Boxing Champions in June. He beat a journeyman named Aaron Herrera, and you know what he looked not bad. Wasn’t the same level of opponent as Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios has faced in the past but so what I’m a fan.

Brandon Bam Bam Rios

I’m not really a fan of Danny Garcia, however. The kid’s alright nothing against him in particular. He is entertaining to watch except for how sheltered he has been managed in his career. His dad, Angel Garcia, is the Lavar Ball of Boxing.

How’s that for a tl;dr? You get the picture.

Thanks for reading. See you guys next week. Don’t forget to spread Boxing TL;DR with your friends!!

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