The best fighters you’ve never heard of

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This newsletter will have some news and this weekends fight promo at the end but I wanted to do something fun and shine a spotlight on some guys that you might not know, but you will sure enjoy to know. All historical guys so youtube at your leisure, no pressure to catch their fights or anything

Julian Jackson

The power on this guy, you’d be surprised he was a middleweight and not a heavyweight. If you’re a knockout fan go through the all the footage on youtube. It’s fun. Jackson was 55-6. 49 of those victories came by knockout. Also all 6 of those losses were knockouts. So it sounds like during his whole career there was always action and never a reason to fall asleep watching his fights.

Niccolino Loche

Here’s a guy who guys that know him, like to tell you that they know him. It’s like if there were a hipster boxing fan reference you pull out from your back pocket, it would be Loche. Maybe that’s the theme of this week’s newsletter edition, I don’t know.

Loche had a level of slickness doesn’t seem to fit him. When you see his videos you might be confused by a few things that don’t seem to match here. The era he fought in vs. the modernity of his moves. His skin tone vs. a slickness and style that uncommon in whites* in this sport. And third the fact that he looks like he couldn’t get his, his name was “el intocable” for God’s sake vs. the fact that that you look at his mug and he looked like he definitely got hit!

*”uh dude, he was Argentine Garrity” “oh dude, ya exactly he was an Argentine of Italian descent, look at his name”

Emmanuel Augustus

You might know him as the Drunken Master.

Emmanuel Augustus had a bad record. But he was GOOD. He was the type of journeyman who was better than a journeyman. His record of 38-34-6 showed he had been through it. But it’s also hard to get to 38 victories if you are a bum. Something tells me Augustus was a guy who just didn’t care, and I mean that in the best way possible. Didn’t care about the blemish of a loss, didn’t care about the risk of taking a big chance against a better opponent. I applaud the guy. And he had so much fun.

I wanted to give you more, but I’m running out of time Those 3 are just fun ones to watch on youtube. Do it!

This weekend

February 17

At Las Vegas (Showtime):

  • Danny Garcia vs. Brandon Rios, 12 rounds, WBC title eliminator
  • David Benavidez vs. Ronald Gavril, rematch, 12 rounds, for Benavidez’s WBC super middleweight title
  • Ray Robinson vs. Yordenis Ugas, 12 rounds, IBF welterweight eliminator

I’m rooting for Brandon “shit body” Rios so hard in this one. I love that guy, and I’d like to see him just smack Danny Garcia, and wipe the smirk of Angel Garcia’s face (the Lavar Ball of Boxing).

Garcia is making more than double what Rios is making on tonight’s show and I’m not even sure he’s the one I’d be tuning in to see. A victory for Brandon Bam Bam Rios will bring something back to his mostly brilliant career.  This is going to be a good one, watch it!

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