The joke gets larger thanks to the WBC

I think my readers already know my feelings on this fight, right?  Well, the spectacle just became more laughable the WBC decided to add a prize to the mix. Calling it the “Money Belt” this thing has 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires and 300 emeralds. NUTS!*

This is now wrestling.  This is WrestleMania, but at least with that you can be guaranteed to get what you paid for.  The WBC feels the desperate need for all these eyeballs to see one of their green belts handed out at the end and probably thinks this is good for their brand, but this has to be damaging.  Makes more of a joke out of the WBC than anything.  And not to mention the belt looks cheesy.


-This is not a championship fight guys, if McGregor were to pull off the miracle knockout, I don’t want to see the internet running around in circles saying he’s the new world champion. Floyd doesn’t have any world championships, he was retired remember?

-The 8 oz glove thing is not really a big deal, I had actually forgotten that 154 pouders used 10oz.  Most of the fights you’ve ever seen Floyd in were with 8 oz gloves.

-GGG vs. Canelo is on September 16th

Last few thoughts to share.  Mixed feelings all along about this fight.  Thoughts to myself: Do you go for your sport vs. their sport?  Do you root for the Irish guy vs. the boxing villain who has sucked the blood out of so many fight fans.  Also you kind of hate the aspect of both guys that has made them the draw they are today, the pompous arsehole element they’ve both mastered.   This fight can be bad for boxing if Maywether gets KOed (still don’t see it happening, but part of what keeps us all alive is the punchers chance), this fight could be good for boxing if Maywether finally gives the fans something and KOs McGregor.  But this fight could be WORST for boxing if it goes to a boring 12 round decision where Maywhether just makes McGregor miss all night and look as stupid as he made Canelo look.   And that is my fear.

Ultimately I am agnostic about this fight.  I don’t care. Let it be a good fight and not something that will turn people off from the sport.

And then I want to leave  you with a little bit of personal finance advice for you going into the weekend, and probably my most positively reviewed piece in this newsletter ever.

(so this is Boxing TL;DR’s first ever rerun, but good financial advice based in fundamental principles is timeless.)

Mayweather-McGregor fight is $99.95 (HD, $89.95 in low def option for any of my Amish readers)

here are 5 better ways to watch spend that money on summer entertainment than the fight itself

1.) Buy out your local Home Depot’s entire stock of Dark Khaki paint in and watch it dry.

2.) Buy 7 copies of this paperback, distribute to 6 of your friends, have the most unruly book club of the summer

3.) Keep $50 for yourself and give $50 to your middle school bestfriend. Buy 100 Jack in the Box tacos each (an order we’ve all dreamt of placing). Then go into your middle school bathroom and rematch him to another bout of “body.”

4.) See a total of two movies with one popcorn.

5.) Buy one of those savings bonds your grandma gave you when you were 6 and took like 10 years or whatever to reach maturity.  Slow, but still beat me to it.

*This week’s Boxing TL;DR newsletter sponsored by Emerald Nuts®. Worth more to me than 300 emeralds or this fight at this point

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