The least important belt up for grabs tonight, glad it’s not on your TV

Yes the “Pearl Belt”

It’s not a real belt.  It’s a disgrace, much like Amir Khan became after his April 20th bout against Terrance Crawford.

And as you know my thoughts on the WBC already.  They are quickly becoming the biggest joke in boxing.  Well, biggest joke among the 4 sanctioning bodies at least, and I’m calling them a bigger joke than another organization that has a “regular” champion and “super” champion at every weight class smh.

Good news, I don’t think you’ll even find this one on your TV.


On Saturday Night you get a prime time opportunity to watch a young lad named Shakur Stevenson on your favorite #freetv ESPN.

Shakur is the American silver medalist in the last Olympic games and a fast rising star and Top Rank signee.

Saturday is a special night for him as he is featured as the main event on the card, which will be in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

I would have written you a tl;dr article for you to set the scene, but I think Mark Kriegel already did it concisely in this well produced 5 minute video.  Give it a watch.

Tuning in Saturday night will give you a chance to feel like you’re still “getting in early” on one of tomorrow’s top guys.  Then you can look like the cool guy at Bill and Nance’s barbecue in a few years when “boxing” comes up and you’ll already have a few fights on Shakur’s resume to spout off.  Major points.

I hope you tune in.  Saturday July 13th on ESPN (the main one on your regular cable! not that streaming “+” nonsence! )

Here’s the rest of the card.

July 13: Newark, N.J. (ESPN/ESPN Deportes)

  • Shakur Stevenson vs. Alberto Guevara, 10 rounds, featherweights
  • Joshua Greer vs. Nikolai Potapov, 12 rounds, IBF bantamweight eliminator
  • Joseph Adorno vs. Adriano Ramirez, 8 rounds, lightweights
  • Julian Rodriguez vs. Heivinson Herrera, 6 rounds, junior welterweights

Julian is another boxer to pay attention to right now.

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