The WBC is a bigger joke than the WBA now

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Hope this is finding you well and you’re ready for the weekend.  I have quite a bit to cover from the world of boxing this week so strap in.

The big question after another Canelo victory is “who is he going to fight next” and after the Daniel Jacobs victory we all speculated who it would be.  No it’s going to have to be something for this legacy, Golden Boy and Canelo aren’t interested in taking any fights that don’t advance that.  Well, there are rumors that it will be light heavyweight Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, and those are starting to be taken more seriously.

Canelo has been up to 168 on one occasion, but this stretch to 175 is surprising.  However, Kovalev’s height is closer to Canelo’s than the 6’3″ Callum Smith, who was another early speculation to fight Canelo at 168.  While Canelo is technically the middleweight king, it makes sense why he’d want to pursue other things.

More on Canelo later, as things develop.


The fight between lightweight IBF titlist, Richard Commey and veterano Ray Beltran will no longer be a contest with Commey’s title on the line.  Ray Beltran couldn’t make weight, so even if he wins it isn’t for Commey’s title.  Ray’s a guy who’s been at this for a long time and recent story lines in his last fight were that he was fighting to stay relevant in title contention, because doing so would allow him to keep his visa.  It’s tough man, and if this one doesn’t go well it might be time for Ray to say it’s over.

Michael Conlan wont get the opportunity to get revenge against his russian foe from the 2016 Rio Olympics.  They were set to have a professional showdown, another opportunity for a second beat down after Mick was robbed by the judges and eliminated from the tournament back in 2016.  That won’t happen now.  Vladomir Nikitin has pulled out do to injury.

The WBC is a bigger Joke than the WBA now.  The AlfaBELT soup keeps getting thicker. The Pearl Belt that they’re going to give to the winner of Khan and Dib is a disgusting joke, but not as bad as the “franchise champion” designation they created.   More on that later in the letter.

Let’s just get into the weekend shall we? The other stories I wanted to give you bites of this week all fall inline with the story of the schedule anyway.

This Weekend

June 28: Temecula, Calif. (ESPN/ESPN Deportes)

Richard Commey vs. Ray Beltran, 12 rounds, lightweights
Carlos Adames vs. Patrick Day, 10 rounds, junior middleweights
Saul Rodriguez vs. Miguel Angel Gonzalez, 10 rounds, junior lightweights

As I mentioned this main event is no longer for a title.  But I’m still interested to see what happens.

Patrick Day, from Freeport PAL in Long Island, is a rising junior middleweight holds the WBC’s Continental Americas title (one of the JV ones working your way up the ranks) who finds him self in a bigger test against Dominican Carlos Adames, who is number 5 on the WBO’s rankings for this weight class and and the NABO and NABF titles are on the line here, all chess pieces as one makes his way up the contender ranks vying for a world championship title shot.

Saul Rodriguez in a prospect you should know by now.  He had been with Top Rank then there was some time he was with Maywether Promotions, but now it appears he is with Top Rank again.  I’m a little surprised they haven’t moved him along further by now, but that might have been do to all the switches.

Heads up: there’s also two opportunities to watch #free boxing tonight.

there’s a stream on Mayweather Promotions Facebook page

and another card on (this one is commentated by Beto Duran, host of the great LA Times “Arrive Early, Leave Late” podcast about LA sports scene.

June 29: Houston (Showtime)

 Jarmall Charlo vs. Brandon Adams, 12 rounds, for Charlo’s WBC middleweight title*
Erickson Lubin vs. Zakaria Attou, 12 rounds, WBC junior middleweight eliminator

*Ok so here’s were I was referring to about how the AlphaBELT soup and the WBC are getting even worse.  So the WBC all of the sudden decides to elevate Jermall Charlo to WBC middleweight champion.  Before that he had been interim champion, and Canelo held that middleweight green belt.  Jarmall Charlo would have been the WBC mandatory to fight Canelo, unless of course you’re the WBC and you’re in love with your money maker and paisano (Mauricio Sulaiman’s WBC is headquartered in Mexico City and they have made a lot of money from the Mexican star) and you decide to move him out of the way to “franchise champion” while giving Jarmall Charlo the regular green belt championship.

The bylaws for the “franchise champion” are even weirder.  They’ve essentially made Canlo a boxing saint in the eyes of the WBC and it’s unclear but it may mean he is a WBC champion forever?   Idk it’s a mess.

WBA had their mess where they have their “regular” WBA world champion and their “Super Champion” at every weight class, another opportunity for a 3% purse grab.
But now the WBC is officially worse.  All there special event belts, like the new Pearl Belt for the undeserving Amir Khan and this, the “franchise champion”.

June 29: Providence, R.I. (DAZN)

Demetrius Andrade vs. Maciej Sulecki, 12 rounds, for Andrade’s WBO middleweigtht title
Joseph Parker vs. Alex Leapai, 12 rounds, heavyweights

If you haven’t yet you really should watch Demetirus Andrade.  He’s the other title holder at middleweight, well I guess there are three now with Charlo too (smh @WBC).

He’s just not that big of a name, although he should be more well known.  Promotional issues and inactivity at points in his career really held him back.

My opinion: He should fight GGG on DAZN next.  They both want to be relevant enough to fight Canelo don’t they?  This makes sense.  Plus, all three are on the DAZN network.  A win for GGG will cement the argument that he has something to bring to the table (a new WBO title) and Oscar may be more inclined to sign off.  And a win for Andrade will give him some star power that he really needs if he can pick up a win in front of a big name like GGG with a lot of eyeballs watching.

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