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Let’s start off today with the weekend fight schedule up front (why not?) rather than the end of the newsletter.

What else will follow

  • Weekend featured fights, (your chance to see the much featured on Boxing tl;dr, Vasyl Lomachenko, and my friend Petr “El Zar” Petrov fight for a title!)

*warning this weekend’s cards feature and excessive amount of Russians and a depleted about of vowels in names where they ought to be*

  • Richard Schaefer/Ringstar Tournament Veteran promoter and his new venture, Ringstar Sports, plans for launch of a new Champions League inspired pro boxing tournament
  • Prospect of the week Ryan Garcia

This Weekend’s Fight Schedule

Hey, it’s not a hugely accessible boxing weekend for fight fans (no PBC shows on free tv), but if you have HBO you’re in luck. OR if you have an internet connection and a laptop then you’re also in luck. Because getting on that bad boy and logging into is probably the best way for you to find the Flanagan vs. Petrov fights which are broadcasted on British networks from Manchester, England and those streams always seem to be readily accessible on firstrowsports. On the one hand this is a weekend where you have a limited availability of boxing (only one HBO show on your tv guide), but then again once you get the hang of firstrowsports, you got the whole world of boxing at your fingertips this weekend and all the ones that follow. Don’t tell the government I sent you there.

April 7th -Nothing on tv

Saturday April 8th

HBO’s card from Oxon Hill, MD:

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Jason Sosa, 12 rounds for Lomachenko’s WBO junior lightweight title (130lb)

Oleksandr Gvozdyk vs. Yunieski Gonzalez, 10 rounds light heavyweights

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Michael Hunter, 10 rounds for Usyk’s WBO cruiserweight title (200lb limit)

Lomachenko is on a tear and use this is your chance to catch him early on! It’s still mind blowing that this guy is 8 fights into his career and already the best in the division and is just absolutely taking over. It’s a very rare trajectory for fighters to be at this stage in this point in their career. No time to waste with this guy.


*Fun fact* Oleksandr Gvozdyk fought on the same card as my pro debut! the dude is an absolute best, on a fast rise in his division and absolutely destroying people

From Manchester, England

Terry Flanagan vs. Petr Petrov, 12 rounds for Flanagan’s WBO lightweight title (135lbs)

British boxing has been riding really high for about the last two years. There are a lot of title holders from the island recently. There’s a few ways to look at that a.) British boxing is really good and on the upswing b.) there are also a lot of title belts out there available right now c.) there is a little bit of an opportunity effect as more titles have made their way to that side of the pond the promoters there have a little more bargaining power in getting their contenders more title opportunities. This is a trend right now in British boxing I’ve been thinking about for a while and honestly I think it’s some combination of the 3 factors. So Flanagan is one of the current British champions, I have a little bit of unfair dislike for him because he won the then vacant WBO title against Jose Zepeda (a “friend lite” from years past who I support), where Zepeda suffered and shoulder injury, couldn’t continue, technically lost because he retired between rounds. Wasn’t an earned knockout really.

tl;dr  British boxing is strong, Flanagan is one of the Queen’s title holders, hopefully that ends on Sat

Petr Petrov on the other hand is a guy I know from my days of training with coach Danny Zamora in Santa Fe Springs, CA. I love this guy. No one is a harder worker than Petr Petrov. He’s a psychopath of a worker and an incredible boxer. I’ve had the pleasure of sparring with this future champion and I think he probably gave me the hardest body shot I’ve ever received. I really want to see him win this fight. He’s gone through a long patient path to this opportunity.  Recently he’s fought on the B side and beaten a lot of guys who were A side guys (both brutal vs Perez and Quintero) supposedly set to win in order to get this opportunity to fight for the WBO title on Saturday. At 34, I’m glad to see he’s gotten his chance and I really think he can pull it off.

tl;dr Petrov (38-4-2), a Russian immigrant to Spain, has had a long and interesting career and gets his title shot on Saturday. He’s a good dude too, true champion already now he just needs to apply the title.

Ringstar’s New “World Boxing Super Series” tournament venture

So this was announced last month and I knew I had to get to it in a newsletter, but we’re still kind of waiting on the details. I feel like Richard Schaefer and his new Ringstar Sports promotion are trying to make an appeal to the same market I am with this newsletter, so you guys might find this interesting…

Here’s what we know so far

  • single elimination pro boxing tournament
  • the series will feature two different weight classes, tbd which
  • 16 fighters
  • $50 million in prize money in total to be split up
  • fights will likely be split between LA, Vegas, NYC, England markets

Prospect of the Week

Ryan Garcia – 18 year old, 8-0, turned pro at 17 in Mexico, recently signed to Golden Boy, you’re going to hear a lot about this kid in the years to come. Get on board now! Start here by checking out some of his videos here and here.

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