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Hey this is another edition of Boxing TL;DR, the weekly newsletter where I try to absorb the world of boxing and give it to you in bite size*.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with the format both in the rotation of subject matter and how I present it and how I present your “too long; didn’t read” portions. I want to get his right and keep you entertained, so please give me feedback on what you like, what doesn’t make sense, and any tweaks I should make. I want to serve everyone: the fight freaks, the punch drunks, all you budding new boxing fans, and faithful evangelists of the gospel of sweet science.

* “bite size” sounds like it could be the newest weight class to be added to the fray, which I discussed in an earlier edition (at some point there will be an online home to reference old tl;drtopics). Ya that’s right it’ll be added right before minimum weight, stay tuned folks.

In other editions of Boxing TL;DR I’ve taken the opportunity to talk about an upcoming fight that doesn’t fall on the weekend next but is on the horizon. There isn’t a whole lot going on this weekend so I’d like to do that again. Remember when I said March is big for the world of boxing. Here’s another reason…

Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Jacobs on March 18th

For some of you who are new to boxing and maybe don’t know the name, this is the “triple G” guy you’ve heard fans either fawn over or grumble that Canelo should take him as his next opponent. Well here he is, the Kazakstan native and former USSR boxer*, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, or as fans like to call him GGG.     *by the way, his absurd amateur record is 345-5

In the ring, he is the most dangerous man in the sport. With a 92% knockout percentage (36 wins, 33kos, I whipped out my TI-89!), you watch him with the feeling that any next punch could be the one that sends his opponent to canvas. Yet outside of the ring he has the charm of a polite exchange student stumbling for the words to show his love for boxing, knack for destroying opponents with grace and class, and the gentlemanly call outs he makes for future opponents.  Fans of his enjoy the post-fight interviews that follow his often short fights, finding a hilarity that hasn’t been quenched since the first time they saw Borat. His hits include calling his fights “big drama show” and “this is my style, like Mexican style. This is fight. This is not game. This is fight. I love fight.” To which he has won many adoring fans, but we all want, need, to see the GGG and Canelo match up. So hopefully sooner than later that fight can happen.

GGG top 10 KOs

In the mean time he faces a strong opponent in Daniel Jacobs. A lot of the quality guys in the middleweight division have avoided GGG, but that’s not the case this time.

Daniel Jacobs is a Brooklyn native. He’s 30 years old and is 32-1 with 29kos, so also a puncher. He’s had a strong career fighting for big promotions from the start (he debuted on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton in ’07). He built up his career and a great record, then in 2011 he was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. He made a successful comeback and in 2014 won the WBA “regular”* Middleweight title. It’s an amazing story and I encourage you to check out this piece Vice did on him.

*I took a stab at explaining the title debacle in an earlier edition of boxing tl;dr. Soon there will be a blog to reference things like this.

GGG vs. Jacobs promotional video

tl;dr GGG fights Daniel Jacobs on March 18 at Madison Square Garden. GGG is a bad man, but a “good boy.” Daniel Jacobs is probably the best opponent we’ve seen put in front of GGG a while. Cancer survivor, inspiring man. Check out this signature win against Peter Quillian.

Other News around the boxing world

Shakur Stevenson just inked a professional contract with Top Rank yesterday. After being courted by just about every promotional company in the game his camp stated that he made his decision based on the fact that Top Rank develops their fighters to championship levels more so than any other promoter. This is big because many hope to someday see the eventual match up against Mick Conlan that the two would have had in Rio if Conlan had not been robbed in his fight against the Russian.

I made a mistake in an earlier newsletter saying that Stevenson was with Mayweather Promotions, but I was fooled by having seen him decked out in TMT (Maywether’s “The Money Team”) gear and walking around with Floyd.


Lucas Matthese has been added to the undercard of the Canelo-Chavez Jr. May 6th show. The Argentine will be back for the first time since his long layoff after suffering eye damage in his championship fight loss to Victor Postol in October of 2015. This time he will be moving up from his regular weight class of junior welterweight (140) to welterweight (147).

tl;dr Top American prospect from the 2016 Olympics, Shakur Stevenson, has made his decision and signed a promotional deal with Top Rank, adding to Top Rank’s list of recent marquee signees. Lucas “La Maquina” Matthysse is returning to the ring on the undercard of Goldenboy’s May 6th production of Canelo-Chavez Jr.

-*BIG STORY* A faithful BOXING|TL;DR| weekly reader and dear friend is attending his first professional boxing match tonight in Toledo, Ohio. Love the new excitement for boxing. Gotta say, I’m proud. Keep spreading the word folks.

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