TLDR – February 24

“Never fight ugly people — they have nothing to lose.” -Wayne Kelly

Quick heads up — Bengal Bouts Semifinals are on Monday Feb27th. For any domers interested in watching you can find the stream at this link Fights start at 7 Eastern.

What’s our National Team up to? Our USA Boxing National Team is kicking off the competition year in Bulgaria at the 21017 Strandja Tournament, the first meeting of international elites from around the globe. Four women and seven men went to Bulgaria to rep the US flag in this first tournament. At the time of me writing this, three days of the tournament have passed and only the four elite women boxers remain standing for the ol’ USofA. Mikaela Meyer and Virginia Fuchs both beat their Polish and Norwegian opponents respectively by unanimous decision, with two other US women will have their first fights of the tournament on Friday.

tl;dr Team USA at their first tournament right now. After 3 days of competition all 7 men are out, 2 women have advanced to the quarterfinals with 2 women still to fight

Why the neglect? One reader brought it up last week, but I did ignore the “weekend fight schedule” portion from last week’s newsletter which I usually do most weeks when there’s something good or when I want to inform you of opportunities to take advantage of boxing on #freetv . So I left it out for a few reasons: I want to try out new formats and last week I took a shot at something different than weeks prior, both in tl;dr layout and content provided, frankly there wasn’t a whole lot going on last weekend, and finally what was playing on the Showtime network (#deluxecablepackage #MBN!) was I fighter I would like to see disappear. Why give oxygen to the figures you don’t think deserve the spotlight any longer? If I think this fighter isn’t good for the sport and will probably bore you, I’m not going to highlight him. The mission of this newsletter is to bring to light what I think is the best in boxing and direct that to a few new eyeballs. If the weekend show is going to be counter productive in that mission then I don’t want to waste your time.

tl;dr sometimes I leave fights out of the upcoming calendar here in this newsletter for various reasons. This time it was to not direct attention to a dud fighter who needs to evaporate from the limelight ASAP, and I didn’t want to introduce some of your fresh boxing eyes to trash, holding onto my original mission of weeding out the garbage and giving you the best tldr.

Weekend Fight Schedule

Tonight Feb 24th a Mayweather Promotions show in Temecula, CA (Showtime, 10 Eastern)

Chris Pearson vs. Justin DeLoach, junior middleweights (154lbs), 10 rounds

Saul Rodriguez vs. Oscar Bravo, lightweights (135lbs), 10 rounds

Saul is a really exciting fighter to watch. At first glance he doesn’t look like much physically, but this kid throws absolute bombs. Top Rank had let his contract time out without resigning him. I think that TR sort of have all their investment in Felix Verdejo for this weight class and chosen him as the guy they want to put forward and have kind of overlooked Saul Rodriquez although he has worked up to a 20-0-1 record and is only 23. He was quickly scooped up by Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Promotions and this is his first fight with his new contract.

Sat Feb 25th a Premier Boxing Champions show in Birmingham, AL (FOX, 8 Eastern #freetv)

Deontay Wilder vs. Gerald Washington, Wilder is defending his WBC Heavyweight title, 12 rounds

Gerald “El Gallo Negro” Washington is a former USC football player who played under Pete Carroll and caught passes from Matt Leinart (read: evil) when he was a tight end and also a defensive end for the Trojans. He’s no Tommy Z but it’s still a cool enough storyline and he also served in the US Navy so I’ll give him that. He’s totally overmatched in this fight, but it’s good that were now seeing Al Haymon (controversial manager, boxing’s supreme overlord) have his guys fight each other. Deontay Wilder is your American bronze medal winner from the 2008 Olympics and reigning WBC champ since 2015. USA>USC Go Wider!

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