TLDR – March 20

“Boxing is like jazz. The better it is, the less people appreciate it” -George Foreman

Hello everyone welcome to this 11th edition of Boxing tl;dr, the weekly newsletter where I try to break down bits of the sport for ya and administer a drip feed of boxing news to your veins in hopes of converting your appreciation of the sport to my level of obsession. There’s been a lot going on in the month of March, much of which had been discussed as a upcoming topic in previous newsletters. I’d like to go over a little of that to fill you in on anything you missed and then move into the new and upcoming.

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Gennady Golovkin (GGG), the most feared man at middleweight, faced his toughest opponent yet in Daniel Jacobs last Saturday. He was tested to his limit and for the first time in his career went 12 rounds. 33 of his 37 victories have ended in knockouts, and his earlier 3 decision victories before Saturday came earlier in his career on fights that were scheduled for fewer rounds (typically when a fighter begins his career fights are scheduled at 4 rounds, and then progress to 6,8,10, and 12 rounds for championship title fights). It was a close decision in this fight and an early knockdown (which amounts to a 10-8 round) of Jacobs more or less seals the argument of GGG’s unanimous decision victory for me, but this decision wasn’t free of its controversy of course.  I was in attendance at the Madison Square Garden for this one but since I was in the nose bleeds I would like to actually see this fight again punch by punch. You and I (but especially YOU) are in luck because HBO is rebroadcasting this fight at 10pm (I think it’s playing at 10 in every market but check local listings) on Saturday the 25th. “It’s Tomorrow!”**

Chocolatito, the name that top pound for pound champion Roman Gonzalez is more commonly known by, was upset by Thai fighter, Wisaksil Wangek, on that same card. Chocolatito’s first loss in 47 fights. It was an extremely close fight that ended in a Majority Decision (meaning two judges scored it in favor of Gonzalez’s opponent, while one scored it as a draw 6 rounds to 6). Definitely one I need to rewatch.   

I just mentioned that fighters in their pro debut typically are matched up in 4 round fights, but Michael Conlan is on a bit of a fast track with his promoter Top Rank. He won his 6 rounder at the Madison Square Garden Theater on Friday night via 3rd round TKO in front of a sold out St. Patrick’s day crowd.  The environment was eclectic filled with plenty of his countrymen who traveled from Ireland to see their hopeful young talent make his debut and he put on a sharp performance that didn’t disappoint. One storyline was that Conor McGregor accompanied him carrying the flag in his ring walk. I remember Carl Moretti (VP of boxing operations, Top Rank) say “that’s the closest Conor will ever be to a boxing ring” a few months back at a press conference. Just food for thought for any of you who’s attention is devoured by this timewaster of a storyline (Conor thinking he can make his debut against the best in boxing is simply lol guys, and I’m sure you guys in “camp Conor” are boxing experts so surely you know what I’m talking about and must have seen this but please do check out the video of him sparring Chris van Heerden, not impressed).

**burn all the boats

tl;dr it was an epic boxing weekend in New York with back to back fights. Conlan is off to a hot start and I expect to see big things out of him. P4P champ was upset and GGG faced his biggest test yet. You can see the rebroadcast of GGG-Jacobs and Chocolatito fight on HBO at 10pm on Saturday the 25th

Golden Boy on ESPN

I mentioned the development of this new deal that promoter Golden Boy struck up with ESPN for regular scheduled programming on ESPN 2 kicked off last night.  Jason Quigley, another fighter from Ireland who trains here in LA with Manny Robles, won his first title in the main event (NABF, which is a North American title, think of it as a resume building title on your way up to fighting for the world titles) by beating Glen Tapia.  Quigley improved to 13-0.  Marleen Esparza, a 2012 Olympian for Team USA, also fought and won on this card in her professional debut with Golden Boy.

tl;dr this section was short enough, but if you need it to be shorter: ESPN has more boxing now!

The Weekend

Friday. Not a lot going on for TV tonight, in fact nothing national. That was all last night with the Golden Boy on ESPN (ESPN2*) stuff. I’ll be sure to mention these Thursday night ESPN fights ahead of time as in the months to come, especially because those fights will be the ones most people reading this will have access to and be willing to watch, with ESPN being a blue-chip network and all. (I mean everyone has the station number for ESPN memorized right?, but it’s time to whip out the ol’ guide when trying to find Showtime or something)

In addition to those Thursday night fights, I did something cool last night guys. I provided color commentary at a pro boxing show promoted by Bash Boxing and RocNation Sports in Downtown LA. It was a cool experience and I definitely see myself doing it again. The broadcast was taped and will be aired on KDOC in the future. I definitely will inform the BOXING|TL;DR| faithful when the production is set to air. Another heads up, Bash Boxing is the promoter that will probably putting on my next fight. We’re shooting for the June Bash Boxing show at the Exhange LA in downtown.

Saturday the 25th

Jorge Linares vs. Anthony Crolla

This is a rematch for Linares’ WBA title. Your best bet is finding this on the “Box Nation” broadcast via or a similar streaming service

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