We are just one month from Wilder – Fury 2

It’s been a while since I wrote you.

I miss you.  I figured I’d get on here and write another boxing tl;dr newsletter.


One of the last times I wrote you I was marveling about the great moment heavyweight boxing is having.

One of the things I was looking to with full on 😍 type eyes at that time was the prospect of a rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder sometime early 2020.

The good news folks is that the fight between these two is only 29 days away.  Wilder-Fury 1 was honestly the greatest fight I’ve ever witnessed, so if this gets anywhere near that level I think most fight fans will be very pleased.

If you’re chomping at the bit at all like I am here are a few steps to take.  (or if you aren’t necessarily ready for this, but you’d like to get yourself up to speed)

Step 1

On Feb 1st at 5pm Eastern Fox will show an hour long production of COUNTDOWN: WILDER vs FURY II.  And again on ESPN the following day (remember Fury has that ESPN/Top Rank deal now)  and Fox is the PBC/Haymon side of things.

Boxing promotion is all about story telling right?  I eat it up.  As you know I want to be a boxing promoter myself one day and programs like this are where I take notes.  In a recent discussion with Trevor and our podcast guest Dr. Isais Wellington Smith, there was a brief reference to the old HBO “24/7” series and the impact those had on helping create a genre in sport film.

Step 2

Review the Dec 1, 2018 fight.  Score it, react to it, revel in the miraculous drama that unfolded.

Step 3

Check out the predictions that will be coming out in the next several weeks.  Every boxing personality will have something to say.

I will publish my prediction on boxingtldr.com and Trevor will post his there as well.

Step 4

Hit me a quick reply to this email with your prediction and why you think so.

Step 5

Feb 22nd will be here before you know it 😊 Watch the fight.  Heads up: its a PPV event, but Trevor and I will be doing a live fight companion streaming from our YouTube channel that night for free.



Talk soon,



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Our latest episode of the podcast with Dr. Isais Wellington is here


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