“Bronze Bomber” vs “Gypsy King” Heavyweight World Championship tonight

Well I’ll tell ya,  I’m giddy.
I hope you find this on your Saturday and get the opportunity to see this newsletter before the fight starts, I guess there might be some people who don’t check email on Saturdays. It’s about 4:25 am on Friday night as I start to write this but I’m as a kid on Christmas Eve.
It’s been a while since the lead up to a heavyweight fight of this caliber has really able to excite.  I won’t knock the excellence of the heavyweight fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitchko of last year, that ended up being an amazing fight, but it was a Klitchko fight… So leading up to it you were expecting a Klitchko kind of fight, a man who is highly skilled but risk adverse.
Now think of the EXACT opposite and you have Deontay Wilder.  The man has two rocks at the end of his arms that are an absolute damage threat at any point.  The catch is that slinging those rocks around, he can get sloppy and body control and form ain’t always there, but the dude destroys people in there.  He’s a fit, not fat, American Heavyweight who knocks MFs out, this is what all the dads who tell me “boxing isn’t what it used to be” in passing say that the heavyweight division needs, I guess they just haven’t been watching his last 40 fights 😂
And obviously there’s some truth to all of that, I’m just exhausted by all the Bills and Toms who get on their soapbox to tell me this when they haven’t even tuned in to watch sport since the last time it was spoon fed to them by a simpler era of broadcast networks. Hence the genesis of  the Boxing TL;DR newsletter  I started almost 2 years ago.
Deontay Wilder is an American bronze medalist from the ’08 Olympics and WBC World Champion since 2015. He fought Bermane Stiverne for that title shortly after Bermane collected the belt in a face off fight between menudo lacking Chris Arreola, after the belt was vacated by none other than Wladimir’s older brother Vitali (I met them both at a Dodger game once when I was young. Chill dudes)
So you probably don’t remember that first fight with Bermane or maybe any of his others, but I think you do remember this one, from the second time Wilder fought Bermane.
It’s kinda a memorable shot and it made the rounds of the internet’s memeland, so even non boxing normies all got the chance to see this.
Tyson Fury, he’s the British boxer who at points in his amateur career represented both Britain and Ireland, as he traces his heritage to Ireland.  A gypsy who proclaims himself the Gypsy King, he is a part of the Irish traveler (tinker) community.  Think: those gypsy families in Ireland that do bare knuckle boxing that you’ve seen YouTube videos about.
Fury, defeated Wladimir Klitchko in 2015 who at the time had the majority of the belts (remember Wilder and the WBC belt were over there in a different conversation) and was the heavyweight Lineal World Champion* , making Fury the lineal champion when he beat the younger of the two Klitchko brothers.  That fight was a shocker.  Then Fury’s life went into a downward spiral mess from there on out and he got extremely fat and walked away from the sport.  (I highly suggest you watch that video link when you get the chance)
Until now…
*Lineal Champ is a concept of “man who beat the man.”  It’s a designation in the boxing world of the last person to beat an Undisputed World Champion.  And then the man who beats that man, etc etc.  There isn’t always a lineal champion in every division at every specific point in time but the W. Klitchko had held his moment with the honor, now Fury has it, even though he walked away from the sport, vacated the belts he had, and isn’t a “champion” under any of the designations from the sanctioning bodies (infamous alphaBELT soup). He’s still the last guy to beat the guy, who beat that guy. Making sense? If not there’s always the wider world web for ya 👍.
Quick example:  So if Deontay Wilder beats Tyson Fury tonight he will be the WBC Champion and the “Lineal Champion” because he’d be the man who beat the man… which follows a chain up until the last Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion historically.  Interestingly enough, if this were to happen tonight, he would become Lineal and remain WBC champion, but would not yet be an undisputed champion because Anthony Joshua has the WBA, IBF, and WBO belts.
…I know boxing can be messy sometimes, but that’s not my fault.  I’m just here trying to serve it clean to you in bite size pieces you can digest because we know the pundits on fake news ESPN aren’t doing it for ya lol.
So go watch the fight.  I’m excited, I’ll be there at the Staples Center tonight. Follow me @garritymcosker for some Instagram story videos from the cheap seats.
As for my prediction?
I’m going to borrow from Nazim Richardson, who I think said it best.
Other news
Floyd gets busted by SEC for ICO pumps.
Remember crypto mania? ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, more popular in the era of a year ago when people even bought these pumps, were IPO style sales of alt coins that presented an amazing speculating opportunity for some.  Well it turns out Floyd was a paid promoter of a pump.

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